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Plant Diversity and Resources

Journal of Systematics and Evolution

Volume 53 Issue 2, Pages 117C137.

Published Online: 23 Mar. 2015

DOI: 10.1111/jse.12150

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A worldwide phylogenetic classification of the Poaceae (Gramineae)

Robert J. SORENG1, Paul M. PETERSON1*, Konstantin ROMASCHENKO1, Gerrit DAVIDSE2, Fernando O. ZULOAGA3, Emmet J. JUDZIEWICZ4, Tarciso S. FILGUEIRAS5, Jerrold I. DAVIS6, and Osvaldo MORRONE3,7

1Department of Botany, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, USA

2Missouri Botanical Garden, P.O. Box 299, St. Louis, MO, USA

3Instituto de Bot│nica Darwinion, Labard└n 200, San Isidro B1642HYD, Buenos Aires, Argentina

4Department of Biology and Museum of Natural History, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, WI, USA

5Instituto de Botânica, Secretaria do Meio Ambiente, Avenida Miguel Stefano 3687, Água Funda, São Paulo CEP, Brazil

6Department of Plant Biology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA


Keywords: classification; DNA; Gramineae; grasses; morphology; phylogeny; Poaceae; subfamily; subtribe; tribe


Based on recent molecular and morphological studies we present a modern worldwide phylogenetic classification of the ± 12074 grasses and place the 771 grass genera into 12 subfamilies (Anomochlooideae, Aristidoideae, Arundinoideae, Bambusoideae, Chloridoideae, Danthonioideae, Micraioideae, Oryzoideae, Panicoideae, Pharoideae, Puelioideae, and Pooideae), 6 supertribes (Andropogonodae, Arundinarodae, Bambusodae, Panicodae, Poodae, Triticodae), 51 tribes (Ampelodesmeae, Andropogoneae, Anomochloeae, Aristideae, Arundinarieae, Arundineae, Arundinelleae, Atractocarpeae, Bambuseae, Brachyelytreae, Brachypodieae, Bromeae, Brylkinieae, Centotheceae, Centropodieae, Chasmanthieae, Cynodonteae, Cyperochloeae, Danthonieae, Diarrheneae, Ehrharteae, Eragrostideae, Eriachneae, Guaduellieae, Gynerieae, Hubbardieae, Isachneae, Littledaleeae, Lygeeae, Meliceae, Micraireae, Molinieae, Nardeae, Olyreae, Oryzeae, Paniceae, Paspaleae, Phaenospermateae, Phareae, Phyllorachideae, Poeae, Steyermarkochloeae, Stipeae, Streptochaeteae, Streptogyneae, Thysanolaeneae, Triraphideae, Tristachyideae, Triticeae, Zeugiteae, and Zoysieae), and 80 subtribes (Aeluropodinae, Agrostidinae, Airinae, Ammochloinae, Andropogoninae, Anthephorinae, Anthistiriinae, Anthoxanthinae, Arthraxoninae, Arthropogoninae, Arthrostylidiinae, Arundinariinae, Aveninae, Bambusinae, Boivinellinae, Boutelouinae, Brizinae, Buergersiochloinae, Calothecinae, Cenchrinae, Chionachninae, Chusqueinae, Coicinae, Coleanthinae, Cotteinae, Cteniinae, Cynosurinae, Dactylidinae, Dichantheliinae, Dimeriinae, Duthieinae, Eleusininae, Eragrostidinae, Farragininae, Germainiinae, Gouiniinae, Guaduinae, Gymnopogoninae, Hickeliinae, Hilariinae, Holcinae, Hordeinae, Ischaeminae, Loliinae, Melinidinae, Melocanninae, Miliinae, Monanthochloinae, Muhlenbergiinae, Neurachninae, Olyrinae, Orcuttiinae, Oryzinae, Otachyriinae, Panicinae, Pappophorinae, Parapholiinae, Parianinae, Paspalinae, Perotidinae, Phalaridinae, Poinae, Racemobambosinae, Rottboelliinae, Saccharinae, Scleropogoninae, Scolochloinae, Sesleriinae, Sorghinae, Sporobolinae, Torreyochloinae, Traginae, Trichoneurinae, Triodiinae, Tripogoninae, Tripsacinae, Triticinae, Unioliinae, Zizaniinae, and Zoysiinae). In addition, we include a radial tree illustrating the hierarchical relationships among the subtribes, tribes, and subfamilies. We use the subfamilial name, Oryzoideae, over Ehrhartoideae because the latter was initially published as a misplaced rank, and we circumscribe Molinieae to include 13 Arundinoideae genera. The subtribe Calothecinae is newly described and the tribe Littledaleeae is new at that rank.


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