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  Letter to the Editor
What is the main mechanism of the origin of phosphorylation sites is still an open question
Yu-Yu Wang1, Zhi-Xi Su1*, and Xun Gu1,2*
Received: 20-Dec.-2016         Accepted: 7-Feb.-2017
  Research Articles
Systematic position of Oreosolen (tribe Scrophularieae, Scrophulariaceae) based on nuclear and plastid sequences
Chuan Chen1,2, Min-Qi Cai1, Bo Xu3, Xin-Jie Jin1, Rui-Hong Wang4*, Pan Li1*, Yun-Peng Zhao1, Cheng-Xin Fu1
Received: 18-Jan.-2017         Accepted: 14-Mar.-2017
A preliminary species-level phylogeny of the alpine ginger Roscoea: implications to speciation
Jian-Li Zhao1,2, Jinshun Zhong3, Yong-Li Fan2,4, Yong-Mei Xia2, and Qing-Jun Li1,*
Received: 13-Dec.-2016         Accepted: 1-Mar.-2017
Phylogenomic analysis of Picramnia, Alvaradoa, and Leitneria supports the independent Picramniales
Maria D. Logacheva1 and Alexey B. Shipunov2*
Received: 6-Oct.-2016         Accepted: 22-Feb.-2017
Insights into the plastid diversity of Daphne blagayana Freyer (Thymelaeaceae)
Živa Fišer Pečnikar1, Nataša Fujs1, Robert Brus2, Dalibor Ballian3,4, Elena Buzan1*
Received: 26-July-2016         Accepted: 2-Feb.-2017
Phylogenetic study of the tribe Potentilleae (Rosaceae), with further insight into the disintegration of Sibbaldia
Tao Feng1,2, Michael J. Moore3, Min-Hui Yan1,2, Yan-Xia Sun1, Hua-Jie Zhang1,2, Ai-Ping Meng1, Xiao-Dong Li1, Jian-Qiang Li1*, and Heng-Chang Wang1*
Received: 30-Dec.-2015         Accepted: 27-Jan.-2017
Evolution of the Chlorophyta: Insights from chloroplast phylogenomic analyses
Ling Fang1, Frederik Leliaert2,3, Zhen-Hua Zhang1, David Penny4, and Bo-Jian Zhong1*
Received: 6-Jan.-2017         Accepted: 4-Mar.-2017

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