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Phylogeny and a new tribal classification of Opiliaceae (Santalales) based on molecular and morphological evidence
Chi-Toan Le1,2,3,4†, Bing Liu1,4†, Russell L. Barrett5,6, Li-Min Lu1,4*, Jun Wen7, and Zhi-Duan Chen1,4
Received: 7-Sept.-2017         Accepted: 7-Nov.-2017
Phylogenetic reconstruction of the genus Triptilion (Asteraceae, Nassauvieae) based on nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequences
Paola Jara-Arancio1,2*, Paula M. Vidal1, and Mary T. K. Arroyo 1,3
Received: 10-Aug.-2017         Accepted: 31-Oct.-2017
Reinerantha foliicola, a new genus and species of Lejeuneaceae subtribe Cololejeuneinae (Marchantiophyta) from Ecuador
S. Robbert Gradstein1*, Rui-Liang Zhu2, Lei Shu2, and Álvaro J. P└rez3
Received: 16-Aug.-2017         Accepted: 26-Oct.-2017
New insights on the phylogeny of Tectaria (Tectariaceae), with special reference to Polydictyum as a distinct lineage
Shi-Yong Dong1*, Cheng-Wei Chen2, Shi-Shi Tan1,3, Hui-Guo Zhao1,3, Zheng-Yu Zuo1,3, Yi-Shan Chao4, and Yi-Han Chang5
Received: 12-Aug.-2017         Accepted: 16-Oct.-2017
Phylogeny and maternal donor of Roegneria and its affinitive genera (Poaceae: Triticeae) based on sequence data for two chloroplast DNA regions (ndhF and trnHCpsbA)
Ying Xia Lei1, Jia Liu1, Xing Fan1,2, Li Na Sha1,2, Yi Wang1,2, Hou-Yang Kang1,2, Yong Hong Zhou1,2, and Hai Qin Zhang1,2*
Received: 11-Aug.-2017         Accepted: 17-Oct.-2017
Lineage-specific evolution of flavin-containing monooxygenases involved in aliphatic glucosinolate side-chain modification
Wei Cang, Yu-xin Sheng, Ejiroghene Ruona Evivie, Wen-wen Kong, and Jing Li*
Received: 4-Aug.-2017         Accepted: 26-Sept.-2017
Paleogene fossil fruits of Stephania (Menispermaceae) from North America and East Asia
Meng Han1,2, Steven R. Manchester2, Qiong-Yao Fu1, Jian-Hua Jin1, and Cheng Quan3*
Received: 29-June-2017         Accepted: 24-Sept.-2017
Phylogenetic placement of Yunnanopilia (Opiliaceae) inferred from molecular and morphological data
Liu Yang, Guan-Song Yang, Hai-Ying Ma, Yue-Hua Wang*, and Shi-Kang Shen*
Received: 27-Apr.-2017         Accepted: 2-Sept.-2017
DOI: 10.1111/jse.12285
A ribonucleopeptide world at the origin of life
Nizar Y. Saad*†
Received: 20-Jan.-2017         Accepted: 11-Sept.-2017

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