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Machine learning algorithms improve the power of phytolith analysis: A case study of the tribe Oryzeae (Poaceae)
Zhe Cai1,2 and Song Ge1,2*
Received: 23-Mar.-2017         Accepted: 7-May-2017
Taxonomic status and phylogenetic position of Phaeostigma in the subtribe Artemisiinae (Asteraceae)
Yuan Huang1′, Yi-ming An1, Shi-yong Meng1, Yan-Ping Guo2, Guang-Yuan Rao1*
Received: 16-Dec.-2016         Accepted: 17-May-2017
In search of the phylogenetic affinity of the temperate woody bamboos from Madagascar, with description of a new species (Bambusoideae, Poaceae)
Yu-Xiao Zhang1, Peng-Fei Ma1, Thomas Havermans2, Maria S. Vorontsova3, Ting Zhang1, Olinirina Prisca Nanjarisoa4, and De-Zhu Li1*
Received: 19-Feb.-2017         Accepted: 25-Apr.-2017
Mummified fruits of Choerospondias nanningensis sp. nov. (Anacardiaceae) from the Upper Oligocene of a low latitude site in East Asia
Qiong-Yao Fu1,2, Long Li1, Jian-Hua Jin1, Xiao-Yan Liu1* and Cheng Quan2*
Received: 24-Dec.-2016         Accepted: 3-May-2017
Pure polyploidy: Closing the gaps in autopolyploid research
Jonathan P. Spoelhof1,2*, Pamela S. Soltis1,3, and Douglas E. Soltis1,2,3
Received: 31-Mar.-2017         Accepted: 1-May-2017
Inflorescence characteristics as function-valued traits: analysis of heritability and selection on architectural effects
Mason W. Kulbaba1,2, Ilona C. Clocher1, and Lawrence D. Harder1*
Received: 7-Feb.-2017         Accepted: 24-Apr.-2017
The big, the bad, and the beautiful: Biology of the world¨s largest flowers
Lachezar A. Nikolov* and Charles C. Davis*
Received: 20-Mar.-2017         Accepted: 22-May-2017
Evolution and developmental genetics of floral display - a review of progress
Qing Ma1,2*, Wen-heng Zhang3, and Qiu-Yun (Jenny) Xiang2*
Received: 22-Mar.-2017         Accepted: 11-May-2017
Plant DNA barcodes: Applications today and in the future
W. John Kress*
Received: 3-Mar.-2017         Accepted: 5-May-2017

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