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Plant Diversity and Resources

Special Issue:Phylogenomic Approaches to Deciphering the Tree of Life   

September 2015, Volume 53 Issue 5, Pages 369¨C476.

Cover illustration:
The hierarchical model for multigene sequence data. The model consists of three components¡ªalignments, gene trees and the species tree. This hierarchical model involves two layers; the sequences-and-genetree layer and the genetree-and-speciestree layer. The model assumes that the gene trees are generated from a coalescent process occurring along the lineages of the species tree, while the sequences are generated from a mutation process occurring on the branches of the gene trees. See Liu et al., pp. 380¨C390 in this issue. The cover is designed by Alice Tangerini and Lauren Bassing based on Fig. 1 from Liu et al.

Phylogenomic approaches to deciphering the tree of life