Special Issues
Special Issue: Chemical Communication between Plants and Insects
J Syst Evol, May 2023, Volume 61, Issue 3.
Special Issue:The Biogeography of Grasses (Poaceae)
J Syst Evol, May 2022, Volume 60, Issue 3.
Plant Diversity and Ecology on the Qinghai—Tibet Plateau
J Syst Evol, Nov. 2021, Volume 59, Issue 6.
Cyperaceae in a Data‐Rich Era: New Evolutionary Insights from Solid Frameworks
J Syst Evol, Jul. 2021, Volume 59, Issue 4.
Collections-Based Systematics and Biogeography in the 21st Century: A Tribute to Dr. Vicki Funk
J Syst Evol, Nov. 2020, Volume 58, Issue 6.
In Memory of Professor Tang Yan-Cheng: New Perspectives in Systematic and Evolutionary Biology
J Syst Evol, Sept. 2020, Volume 58, Issue 5.
Advances in Biogeography in the Age of a New Modern Synthesis
J Syst Evol, Nov. 2019, Volume 57, Issue 6.
Celebrating Research Devoted to Seed-Free Land Plants
J Syst Evol, Jul. 2019, Volume 57, Issue 4.
Ecological and Biogeographic Implications of Asian Cenozoic Fossil Floras
J Syst Evol, Mar. 2019, Volume 57, Issue 2.
Biogeographic Patterns in the Pacific and Australasian Regions
J Syst Evol, Dec. 2018, Volume 56, Issue 6.
New Insights on the Assembly and Biodiversity of the Flora of North America
J Syst Evol, Sept. 2018, Volume 56, Issue 5.
Recent Advances in Systematics and Evolution of the Grape Family Vitaceae
J Syst Evol, Jul. 2018, Volume 56, Issue 4.
Evolution, Development, and Genetics of Floral Display—Form, Size, and Arrangement
J Syst Evol, Nov. 2017, Volume 55, Issue 6.
Frontiers in Plant Systematics and Evolution
J Syst Evol, Jul. 2017, Volume 55, Issue 4.
Systematics and Evolution of Lycophytes and Ferns
J Syst Evol, Dec. 2016, Volume 54, Issue 6.
The Tree of Life: China Project
J Syst Evol, Jul. 2016, Volume 54, Issue 4.
Phylogenomic Approaches to Deciphering the Tree of Life
J Syst Evol, Sept. 2015, Volume 53, Issue 5.
Systematics, evolution, and breeding of the wheat tribe—Proceedings of the 7th International Triticeae Symposium
J Syst Evol, Nov. 2014, Volume 52, Issue 6.
Plant evolution and adaptation on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
J Syst Evol, May 2014, Volume 52, Issue 3.
Human and human-influenced evolution
J Syst Evol, May 2013, Volume 51, Issue 3.
Phylogeographic studies of plants in China
J Syst Evol, Jul. 2012, Volume 50, Issue 4.
Plant DNA barcoding in China
J Syst Evol, Jun. 2011, Volume 49, Issue 3.
Intercontinental and Intracontinental Biogeography:Patterns and Methods
J Syst Evol, Sept. 2009, Volume 47, Issue 5.
Patterns of Evolution and the Tree of Life
J Syst Evol, May 2008, Volume 46, Issue 3.

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