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  • 2016年, 第6期
    The cover art (by H. Schneider) reflects the content of this special issue on ferns and lycophytes by highlighting keywords and the positions of these groups in the land plant phylogeny over a spore at the onset of the germination. The phylogeny indicates the placement of all orders of extant land plants, as currently accepted, with the three lycophyte orders and the eleven fern orders (including horsetails) in blue and green, respectively. The phylogenetic hypothesis is a composite of recent phylogenetic hypotheses of land plant relationships and includes, from left to right: hornworts, liverworts, mosses, lycophytes, ferns, gymnosperms, and angiosperms. The image below the phylogeny shows a spore of Aglaomorpha acuminata at the onset of germination. The image was taken using autofluorescence, with reddish colors indicating the occurrence of mature chloroplasts, whereas the center of the spore is filled with a spherical vacuole as found in dormant spores. Keywords of the contributions to this special issue on lycophytes and ferns are printed at the root of and below the land plant phylogeny. [Detail] ...

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