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  • 2016年, 第1期
    Morphological diversity in the Gnetales. Top left: Ephedra distachya subsp. helvetica showing twisted micropylar tube and red fleshy bracts of female cone in Embrun, Hautes Alpes, France (photo by Elke Zippel). Top right: Welwitschia mirabilis pollination droplets at micropylar tubes in female cone, cultivated (photo by Stefan Little). Bottom left: Gnetum gnemon bisexual cone with sterile ovules with pollination droplet above staminate reproductive units, cultivated (photo by Günther Gerlach). Middle right: Welwitschia mirabilis details of sticky pollen masses and sterile ovules in bisexual cone, cultivated (photo by Günther Gerlach). Bottom right: Weltwischia mirabilis, male (at left) and female cones (at right), cultivated (photo by Stefan Little). See Ickert-Bond et al., pp. 1–16 in this issue. [Detail] ...

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