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  • 2015年, 第3期
    A new phylogenetic tree of the Campanulaceae s.s. showing all three tribes: tribe Campanuleae (Campanula), tribe Wahlenbergieae (Wahlenbergia), and tribe Cyanantheae; as well as the six subtribes of tribe Cyanantheae: subtribe Platycodoninae (Platycodon), subtribe Canarininae (Canarina), subtribe Ostrowskiinae (Ostrowskia), subtribe Cyclocodoninae (Cyclocodon), subtribe Echinocodoninae (Echinocodon), and subtribe Cyananthinae (Codonopsis, Cyananthus & Pseudocodon). See Hong & Wang, pp. 203–209 in this issue. [Detail] ...

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