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  • 2013年, 第2期
    Artistic representation of the methods and results in HARRIS et al., pp. 117–133 in this issue. Bayes-DIVA was applied to 23 phylogenies of temperate disjunct genera distributed in eastern Asia, Europe, and eastern and western North America to evaluate whether endemic lineages in each of the four geographic areas most likely evolved from endemic ancestors, widespread ancestors, or ancestors dispersed from elsewhere. Green highlights the typical temperate distributions of studied genera. Representative phylogenies photos from left to right and top to bottom: Aesculus L., Castanea Mill., Cercis L., Cornus L., Corylus L., and Nyssa L. Photo of Castanea is courtesy of JC Raulston Arboretum; other photos are from the authors. Graphs show most probable modes of origin for arcto-Tertiary endemic lineages in the four distributional areas. Art plate was prepared by the authors. [Detail] ...

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