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  • 2011年, 第2期
    Distribution map of Chinese endemic seed plant richness (CESPR), different color referring to different category of CESPR. Color photos are endemic plants representing Categories I–V respectively: Davidia involucrata (A) and Pterygiella nigrescens (B) for Category I; Thamnocharis esquirolii (C) for Category II; Kolkwitzia amabilis (D) and Sinowilsonia henryi (E) for Category III; Taihangia rupestris (F) for Category IV; Oresitrophe rupifraga (G) and Myripnois dioica (H) for Category V. Photo A by Ye-Chun XU; photos B–I by Bing LIU. See HUANG et al., pp. 81–94 in this issue. [Detail] ...

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