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Molecular systematics of four endemic Batrachospermaceae (Rhodophyta) species in China with multilocus data

Li JI Shu-Lian XIE* Jia FENG   Le CHEN   Jie WANG   

  1. (School of Life Science, Shanxi University, Taiyuan 030006, China)
  • Received:2013-05-05 Online:2013-09-13 Published:2013-11-25

Abstract: Four endemic Batrachospermaceae species in China, Batrachospermum hongdongense Xie & Feng, Batrachospermum longipedicellatum Hua & Shi, Kumanoa curvata (Shi) Vis et al., and Kumanoa intorta (Jao) Entwisle et al., were analyzed with multilocus data in order to assess their phylogenetic placement. Multilocus molecular data from one nuclear gene (the ribosomal SSU), one chloroplast gene (rbcL), and two mitochondrial genes (COI and the cox2-3 spacer) as well as morphological studies were used to determine the phylogenetic relationships of these endemic species within the Batrachospermales. Batrachospermum hongdongense and B. longipedicellatum had previously been placed in Batrachospermum section Batrachospermum, but based on the data from this study they should be transferred into section Helminthoidea. Kumanoa curvata and K. intorta clearly belong to the newly established genus Kumanoa.

Key words: Batrachospermaceae, China, endemic species, multilocus data, phylogenetic analysis.

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