J Syst Evol ›› 1983, Vol. 21 ›› Issue (4): 436-440.

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Pollen Morphology of Loxostemon (Cruciferae) in China

Lan Yong-Zhen, Cheo Tai-Yien   

  1. (Jiangsu Inatitute of Botany)
  • Published:1983-11-18

Abstract: The present paper deals with the pollen morphology of 10 species and 1 variety of Loxostemon in China. The pollen grains were all examined under light microscope. The pollen grains of Loxostemon are subspheroidal, spheroidal or prolate, 18--33×11.8-28 μ in size, 3-colpate, colpi 15-21 μ long and 1-2 μ wide. The exine is 1.5-3 μ thick with two indistinct or distinct layers. All the pollen grains are generally reticulate under light microscope. They are distinctly or obscurely and finely reticulate. L. axillus and L. repens are generally similar in gross morphology, but the pollen grains of these two species are different. The pollen grains of L. axillus are regularly polygonally reticulate, colpi are acute-ended and the exine is about 3 μ thick, whereas those of L.repens are irregularly polygonally reticulate, colpi are enlarged at both ends and the exine is about 2.8 μ thick. L. incanus and L. stenolobus appear to have similar gross morphology, but the pollen grains of the former have exines with two distinct layers and a densely and finely reticulate ornamentation and those of the latter have exines with two indistinct layers and a flexuosely reticulate ornamentation.