J Syst Evol ›› 2002, Vol. 40 ›› Issue (6): 551-552.

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A new subspecies of Primula obconica Hance from Eastern China

HE Guo-Sheng, HU Chi-Ming   

  • Published:2002-11-10

Abstract: A new subspecies, Primula obconica subsp. fujianensis, is described. The genus Primula is widely distributed throughout China, but it has never been previously recorded in Fujian and Jiangsu. Recently the authors collected a specimen of the genus from Fujian for the first time. It is obviously closely related to P. obconica, which is one of the most common species in China, ranging from western Yunnan and Sichuan through Guizhou, Hubei to Hunan and northern Guangdong, with its most easterly extension in southern Jiangxi. Morphologically, the Fujian plant is characterized by its much smaller stature and by the scapes being shorter than the leaf rosette, and in many ways it is more closely related to P. obconica subsp. parva, but can be easily distinguished by its smaller, white and homostylous flowers. As it is isolated both in distribution and reproductionwith other subspecies of P. obconica, here it is described as a new subspecies.

Key words: Primula Linn., P. obconica subsp. Fujianensis, New subspecies