J Syst Evol ›› 1995, Vol. 33 ›› Issue (3): 225-229.

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The Karyotype of Beesia deltophylla and Its Systematic Significance

Yang Qin-er, Gu Zhi-jian, Sun Hang   

  • Published:1995-05-10

Abstract: Investigated in this work was karyomorphology of Beesia deltophylla.The resting nuclei and prophase chromosomes were categorized as complex chromocenter type and interstitial type respectively.The metaphase chromosomes were counted to be 2n=16.The karyotype was formulated as 2n=10m+4st+2t(2sat).Based on the results,the karyotypic difference between B.calthifolia and B.deltophylla was shown,and the systematic position of the genus Beesia was discussed.Beesia might be closely related to Cimicifuga and its allied genera,but only distantly related to Trollius and its allies,and thus it might be more reasonable to place Beesia in the tribe Cimicifugeae than in the tribe Trollieae.

Key words: Beesia, Beesia deltophylla, Karyomorphology, systematic position