J Syst Evol ›› 1981, Vol. 19 ›› Issue (3): 351-354.

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Antheroporum Gagnep. (Leguminosae), a genus new to China

Wei Zhi   

  1.  (Zhejiang Museum)
  • Published:1981-08-18

Abstract: Abstract The genus Antheroporum was proposed by Gagnepain (1915) in Notulae Systematicae. He cited two species under the genus, A. pierrei as type species from Thailand and A. harmandii from Southern Viet-Nam. As stated in the original description, anther-loculi dehiscing by a terminal pore. Hutchinson (1964) pointed out that Gagnepain,s conception was shown to be erroneous as they are dehiscing by a slit lengthwise. Therefore the genus Antheroporum must be transferred to tribe Tephrosieae Benth. (incl. Millettieae Hutch.). This paper reports a record of the genus new to the Chinese flora, i.e.A. harmandii has its former range of distribution far extends northward to the SW provinces of China, and a new species, A. glaucum, from Yunnan province. A key to three species of the genus is provided as follows: 1. The keel and standard almost equal in length 2. Leaflets glaucous beneath, glabrous; petiole and petiolule glabrous, blacken in drying; Yunnan........... 1.A. glaucum 2. Leaflets densely appressed pubescent beneath; petiole and petiolule velvety pubescent; SW China, Viet-Nam ........................ 2. A. harmandii 1. The keel about 2 times shorter than the standard; Thailand, Southern Viet-Nam .................. 3. A. pierrei