J Syst Evol ›› 1983, Vol. 21 ›› Issue (3): 285-296.

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Taxonomy of the Genus Triticum L.

Yen Chi   

  1. ( Sichuan Agricultural College)
  • Published:1983-08-18

Abstract: In the present paper, an brief historical account and the comments on the modern taxonomic systems of the genus Triticum L. are made. The author suggests that principles to determine a species be (1) a special type of genome, and (2) reproductive isolation. The principles to determine a subspecies are the special co-type of genome and incomplete reproductive isolation. There are no differences on the level of genome constitution and no reproductive isolation between the varieties or concultivars. According to these principles, the author schemes a taxonomic system of the genus Triticum L. based on biosystematics as follows: Triticum monococcum L. sensu lat. subsp. boeoticum (Boiss.) Yen, st. nov. var. thaoudar (Reut ) Flaksb. concv. Einkhorn subsp. urartu (Tum.)Vap. T. timopheevi Zhuk. sensu lat. var. araraticum (Jakubz.) Yen, st. nov. T. zhukovskyi Men. et Er. T. turgidum L. sensu lat. var. dicoccoides (Körn. in litt. in Schweinf.) Bowden concv. (1) Emmer, (2) Durum wheat, (3) Rivet wheat, (4) Polish wheat, (5) Persian wheat. T. aestivum L. sensu lat. concv. (1) Tibetian weed wheat, (2) Spelt, (3) Vavilov wheat, (4) Macha wheat, (5) Yunnan hulled wheat, (6) Winter common wheat, (7) Spring common wheat, (8) Branch-eared wheat, (9) Club wheat, (I0) Indian dwarf wheat, (11) Xinjiang ricewheat.