J Syst Evol ›› 1992, Vol. 30 ›› Issue (1): 69-72.

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A Karyological Study on Three Taxa of Fritillaria

Wang Zhi-An   

  • Published:1992-01-18

Abstract: This paper deals with karyotype analysis of three taxa of Fritillaria, i. e. F. thunbergii (from Yinxian and Zhoushan), F. thunbergii var. chekiangensis, and F. anhuiensis. The results show that all the three taxa are diploid (2n = 24) and their karyotypes are different. The karyotype formulae may be summarized as follows: F. thunbergii: Yinxian, 4m(lsc) +4st(lsc) l) +16t(lsc) ; Zhoushan, 2m+2sm+12st(lsc) +8t(2sc) . F. thunbergii var. chekiangensis2m+2sm+8st (2sc) +12t (4sc). F. anhuiensis 2m+2sm+8st (2sc) + 12t (5sc). There are many secondary constrictions in all the three taxa of Fritillaria studied, but the numberand positions of secondary constrictions are quite different in different taxa.

Key words: Fritillaria, Karyotype.