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Linked selection, ancient polymorphism, and ecological adaptation shape the genomic landscape of divergence in Quercus dentata
Biao‐Feng Zhou, Yong Shi, Xue‐Yan Chen, Shuai Yuan, Yi‐Ye Liang, and Baosheng Wang
doi: 10.1111/jse.12817
Version of Record online: 27 November 2021
One plus one makes seven: Intricate phylogeographic patterns in Odontites vernus (Orobanchaceae: Rhinantheae) in the Iberian Peninsula
Daniel Pinto‐Carrasco, Enrique Rico, and M. Montserrat Martínez‐Ortega
doi: 10.1111/jse.12816
Version of Record online: 24 November 2021
Nuclear and plastid phylogenomic analyses provide insights into the reticulate evolution, species delimitation, and biogeography of the Sino-Japanese disjunctive Diabelia (Caprifoliaceae)
Xiu‐Rong Ke, Diego F. Morales‐Briones, Hong‐Xin Wang, Qing‐Hui Sun, Jacob B. Landis, Jun Wen, and Hua‐Feng Wang
doi: 10.1111/jse.12815
Version of Record online: 09 November 2021
Natural interploidy hybridization among the key taxa involved in the origin of horticultural chrysanthemums
Shuai Qi, Alex D. Twyford, Jun‐Yi Ding, James S. Borrell, Long‐Zhen Wang, Yue‐Ping Ma, and Nian Wang
doi: 10.1111/jse.12810
Version of Record online: 18 August 2021
Loss of innovative traits underlies multiple origins of Aquilegia ecalcarata
Fang‐Dong Geng, Jing‐He Xie, Cheng Xue, Li Sun, Jiao‐Jie Li, Chen‐Yu Niu, Lei Huang, Xiao‐Hui Zhang, Ju‐Qing Kang, Hong‐Zhi Kong, Yi Ren, and Jian‐Qiang Zhang
doi: 10.1111/jse.12808
Version of Record online: 30 July 2021
Delimitation of the genus Schizachyrium (Poaceae, Andropogoneae) based on molecular and morphological data
Myriam C. Peichoto, Ercilia M. S. Moreno, Cassiano A. D. Welker, Viviana G. Solís Neffa, and M. Amalia Scataglini
doi: 10.1111/jse.12807
Version of Record online: 21 July 2021
A biogeographical analysis of Muhlenbergia (Poaceae: Chloridoideae: Cynodonteae: Muhlenbergiinae)
Paul M. Peterson, Cristina Roquet, Konstantin Romaschenko, Yolanda Herrera Arrieta, and Alfonso Susanna
doi: 10.1111/jse.12805
Version of Record online: 16 July 2021
Phylogenomic relationships and species identification of the olive genus Olea (Oleaceae)
Wen‐Pan Dong, Jia‐Hui Sun, Yan‐Lei Liu, Chao Xu, Yi‐Heng Wang, Zhi‐Li Suo, Shi‐Liang Zhou, Zhi‐Xiang Zhang, and Jun Wen
doi: 10.1111/jse.12802
Version of Record online: 17 June 2021
Miocene Ethiopian amber: A new source of fossil cryptogams
Valentine Bouju, Kathrin Feldberg, Ulla Kaasalainen, Alfons Schäfer‐Verwimp, Lars Hedenäs, William R. Buck, Bo Wang, Vincent Perrichot, and Alexander R. Schmidt
doi: 10.1111/jse.12796
Version of Record online: 17 May 2021
Sexual dimorphism, temporal niche differentiation, and evidence for the Jack Sprat effect in an annual dioecious plant
Qian Yu, Spencer C.H. Barrett, Xin-Jia Wang, Li Zhong, Hong Wang, De-Zhu Li, Wei Zhou
doi: 10.1111/jse.12753
Version of Record online: 13 May 2021
Historical biogeography of the Southeast Asian and Malesian tribe Dissochaeteae (Melastomataceae)
Abdulrokhman Kartonegoro, Sylvia Mota de Oliveira, and Peter C. van Welzen
doi: 10.1111/jse.12752
Version of Record online: 29 April 2021
Rise of herbaceous diversity at the southeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau: First insight from fossils
Yong‐Jiang Huang, Hai Zhu, Tao Su, Robert A. Spicer, Jin‐Jin Hu, Lin‐Bo Jia, and Zhe‐Kun Zhou
doi: 10.1111/jse.12755
Version of Record online: 29 April 2021
Polyploidy in Cupressaceae: Discovery of a new naturally occurring tetraploid, Xanthocyparis vietnamensis
Perla Farhat, Sonja Siljak-Yakovlev, Oriane Hidalgo, Keith Rushforth, Jim A. Bartel, Nicolas Valentin, Ilia J. Leitch, Robert P. Adams
doi: 10.1111/jse.12751
Version of Record online: 19 April 2021
The diversification of the northern temperate woody flora – A case study of the Elm family (Ulmaceae) based on phylogenomic and paleobotanical evidence
Qiu‐Yue Zhang, Min Deng, Yanis Bouchenak‐Khelladi, Zhe‐Kun Zhou, Guang‐Wan Hu, and Yao‐Wu Xing
doi: 10.1111/jse.12720
Version of Record online: 12 April 2021
Ecological specialization promotes diversity and diversification in the Eastern Mediterranean genus Ricotia (Brassicaceae)
Barış Özüdoğru, Çağaşan Karacaoğlu, Galip Akaydın, Sadık Erik, Klaus Mummenhoff, and İsmail Kudret Sağlam
doi: 10.1111/jse.12749
Version of Record online: 07 April 2021
Deciphering the global phylogeography of a coastal shrub (Scaevola taccada) reveals the influence of multiple forces on contemporary population structure
Achyut Kumar Banerjee, Hai‐Dan Wu, Wu‐Xia Guo, Wei‐Lun Ng, Wei‐Xi Li, Yan Ma, Hui Feng, and Ye‐Lin Huang
doi: 10.1111/jse.12746
Version of Record online: 03 April 2021
Floral morphogenesis of the Maddenia and Pygeum groups of Prunus (Rosaceae), with an emphasis on the perianth
Xi Wang, Jun‐Ru Wang, Si‐Yu Xie, Xiao‐Hui Zhang, Zhao‐Yang Chang, Liang Zhao, Louis Ronse De Craene, and Jun Wen
doi: 10.1111/jse.12748
Version of Record online: 03 April 2021
Male-biased sex allocation in late-blooming flowers driven by resource limitation in the clonal perennial Aconitum kusnezoffii (Ranunculaceae)
Xing‐Yue M. Ge, Han‐Shu Lu, Hao Tian, Yue Wu, Da‐Yong Zhang , and Wan‐Jin Liao
doi: 10.1111/jse.12734
Version of Record online: 09 February 2021
Phylogenomics and biogeography of Wisteria: Implications on plastome evolution among inverted repeat-lacking clade (IRLC) legumes
Mao‐Qin Xia, Ren‐Yu Liao, Jin‐Ting Zhou, Han‐Yang Lin, Jian‐Hua Li, Pan Li, Cheng‐Xin Fu, and Ying‐Xiong Qiu
doi: 10.1111/jse.12733
Version of Record online: 09 February 2021
Secondary pollen presentation: More than to increase pollen transfer precision
Yuan‐Qing Xu, Zhong‐Lai Luo, Jia Wang, Nan‐Cai Pei, and Dian‐Xiang Zhang
doi: 10.1111/jse.12729
Version of Record online: 01 February 2021
Back to the brink: Phylogeography and demographic history of the endangered Torreya jackii
Xin Tong, Jian‐Hui Li, Kai Jiang, Yuan‐Yuan Li, Chao‐Nan Liu, Shekhar Biswas, Rong Wang, and Xiao‐Yong Chen
doi: 10.1111/jse.12728
Version of Record online: 01 February 2021
Integrative taxonomy of herbaceous plants with narrow fragmented distributions: A case study on Primula merrilliana species complex
Xiao He, Jing-Jing Cao, Wei Zhang, Yong-Quan Li, Chao Zhang, Xiao-Hong Li, Guo-Hua Xia, and Jian-Wen Shao
doi: 10.1111/jse.12726
Version of Record online: 12 January 2021
Species delimitation of North American Nyssa species
Yan‐Ting Yang, Xu‐Chen Yang, Ming‐Cheng Wang, Lin‐Ling Zhong, Rui Ma, Tao Ma, Jian‐Quan Liu, Charles C. Davis, and Zhen‐Xiang Xi
doi: 10.1111/jse.12725
Version of Record online: 31 December 2020
Fine-scale north-to-south genetic admixture profile in Shaanxi Han Chinese revealed by genome-wide demographic history reconstruction
Guang‐Lin He, Meng‐Ge Wang, Ying‐Xiang Li, Xing Zou, Hui‐Yuan Yeh, Ren‐Kuan Tang, Xiao‐Min Yang, Zheng Wang, Jian‐Xin Guo, Ting Luo, Jing Zhao, Jin Sun, Rong Hu, Lan‐Hai Wei, Gang Chen, Yi‐Ping Hou, and Chuan‐Chao Wang
doi: 10.1111/jse.12715
Version of Record online: 11 December 2020
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Jun Wen
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