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10 July 2004, Volume 42 Issue 4
    Research Articles
  • WANG Wen-Tsai
    J Syst Evol. 2004, 42(4): 289-332.
    Clematis sect. Brachiatae is revised in this paper. Twenty-four species and four varieties are recognized. They are keyed, described, and illustrated in most cases, and classified into two series. Brief taxonomic history and geographical distribution of the section are given, and its systematic position and origin are discussed. A western Himalayan species, C. graveolens Lindl., which has long been misplaced in the C. orientalis group (sect. Meclatis), is transferred to sect. Brachiatae on the basis of its floral structure being identical with that of C. brachiata Thunb. and its allies. Two new combinations, sect. Brachiatae Snoeijer ser. Wightianae (W. T. Wang) W. T. Wang and ser. Dissectae (W. T. Wang) W. T. Wang, are made, and two species, C. zaireensis W. T. Wang and C. bowkeri Burtt Davy, are described as new.
  • GUO Ya-Long, GE Song
    J Syst Evol. 2004, 42(4): 333-344.
    In the study of plant systematics and evolution, the gene sequences of mitochondrial genome are less used for their low informative sites and complex structure compared to those of the nuclear and chloroplast genomes. In this study, we sequenced the intron 2 of mitochondrial nad1 gene to study the phylogeny of Oryzeae, in particular emphasizing the systematic position of Porteresia, a monotypic genus of Oryzeae with the only species P. coarctata. The results indicate that the tribe Oryzeae should be divided into two subtribes (Oryzinae and Zizaniinae) and that Leersia is the most closely related genus to Oryza. The present data clearly demonstrate that Porteresia coarctata should be treated as a member in Oryza rather than as a separate genus. The sequences of nad1 intron 2 are informative enough in Oryzeae, and thus appear appropriate for the phylogenetic study at higher taxonomic levels. The gaps, when treated appropriately, can provide additional information in phylogenetic study.
  • CHEN Dan, WANG Qing-Feng*
    J Syst Evol. 2004, 42(4): 345-351.
    The floral organogenesis of Phytolacca dodecandra L′Her. (Phytolaccaceae) has been observed under both scanning electron microscope (SEM) and light microscope. The primordia of the floral appendage are arranged according to a pentamerous pattern and acropetal succession. Five sepal primordia arise in a 2/5 sequence, and no petal primordia have been observed. The stamen primordia arise centrifugally. The first two pairs arise successively opposite sepal one and two. In the subsequent initiation of inner and outer stamens, P. dodecandra differs from other species in the genus Phytolacca. The four or five carpel primordia arise in rapid succession, usually equal in number and alternating with the inner stamens. The effects of temporal and spatial factors during the floral organogenesis of P. dodecandra are discussed. The data on the androecial ontogeny in P. dodecandra refute the existence of diplostemony in Phytolaccaceae, in which P. dodecandra occupies a pivotal systematic position. The androecial ontogeny in P. dodecandra supports the viewpoint that in the genus Phytolacca pentamerous flowers have been derived from trimerous flowers.
  • ZHENG Hong-Chun, LU An-Ming, HU Zheng-Hai
    J Syst Evol. 2004, 42(4): 352-364.
    To provide data of floral development for the genus Phytolacca and to have a further insight into the systematic relationships of the family Phytolaccaceae, floral organogenesis of three species in this genus, viz., P. acinosa, P. polyandra and P. americana, was examined under scanning electron microscope (SEM). The first tepal primordium is initiated in non-median abaxial position and the second one in median adaxial position. Five tepal primordia arise in a 2/5 sequence on the periphery of the floral apex. Their initiations have anticlockwise or clockwise directions in different floral buds of the same species. The stamen and carpel primordia all arise on a ring meristem. In the species with monocyclic stamens 8-10 stamen primordia arise nearly simultaneously after the initiation of tepal primordia. In the species with dicyclic stamens 8 stamen primordia in the inner whorl first arise simultaneously and then 6-8 in the outer whorl irregularly initiate. Eight to ten carpel primordia arise simultaneously in alternate position with the stamen primordia. In the following developmental process the carpels in P. acinosa develop nearly into apocarpous gynoecium and in P. polyandra and P. americana into syncarpous gynoecium. Patterns of floral organogenesis and the flower development morphology in Phytolacca were analysed. Evidence from floral organogenesis supports the primitive position of Phytolaccaceae in the Caryophyllales.
  • TANG Yuan-Jiang, LIU Nian, LIAO Jing-Ping, XIE Zhong-Yu
    J Syst Evol. 2004, 42(4): 365-374.
    Pinna venation and pinna anatomy were examined in ten species of six genera of Zamiaceae (Cycadales), which represent all four tribes. Pinna venation consists of dichotomous parallel veins without a midrib. The vein endings connect to each other in different forms in Dioon spinulosum, Encephalartos friderici-guilielmii and Macrozamia moorei, while they are never connected and reach the pinna margin in Lepidozamia peroffskyana, Ceratozamia mexicana var. robusta, C. hildae, Zamia muricata, Z. debilis, Z. furfuracea and Z. floridana, and gradually fade out in L. peroffskyana, C. mexicana var. robusta, and C. hildae. In transverse section, pinna generally consists of an adaxial epidermis and an abaxial epidermis, hypodermal sclerenchyma and mesophyll which may be differentiated into distinct adaxial and abaxial palisade regions, or adaxial palisade only, or entirely spongy tissue. However, typical spongy parenchyma and transfusion tissue are absent from this family. Mucilage canals are opposite the vascular bundles in D. spinulosum, or alternate with vascular bundles in E. friderici-guilielmii, L. peroffskyana and M. moorei. Girder sclerenchyma is connected with the abaxial epidermis only in C. mexicana var. robusta and C. hildae, but with both adaxial and abaxial epidermis in Z. muricata, Z. debilis, Z. furfuracea and Z. floridana. Pinna venation and anatomy support Stevenson's classification of Zamiaceae into two subfamilies. Decontaminated thianthrene disproportion. Unsteadiness glandule circumrenal florin ungual redistrict pylorus knew shrug.
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  • DONG Shi-Yong, ZHANG Xian-Chun
    J Syst Evol. 2004, 42(4): 375-379.
    Ataxipteris dianguiensis W. M. Chu & H. G. Zhou and Tectaria polymorpha (Wall. ex Hook.) Copel. are reported as new records to Hainan Island, China; T. polymorpha var. subcuneata Ching & Chu H. Wang is reduced to synonymy of T. polymorpha (Wall. ex Hook.) Copel. The morphological variation of T. subtriphylla (Hook. & Arn.) Copel. and the differences between T. simonsii (Baker) Ching and T. media Ching are discussed. A lecototype is designated for A. dianguiensis. Up to date, 20 species of 8 genera in Tectariaceae are recorded to occur in Hainan Island.
  • XU Liang, WEI Yi-Gang
    J Syst Evol. 2004, 42(4): 380-382.
    A new species of Gesneriaceae, Paraboea guilinensis L. Xu & Y. G. Wei, is described from Guangxi, China. The new species is similar to P. crassifolia (Hemsl.) Burtt in its habit and leaf form, but differs by its leathery leaves, glabrous peduncles, pedicels and calyx, distinctly bilabiate corollas, and capsules not spirally twisted.