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  • Volume 39 Issue 2

      Research Articles
    • HONG Ya-Ping, CHEN Zhi-Duan, LU An-Ming
      2001, 39 (2): 97–104
      The phylogeny of the tribe Menispermeae (Menispermaceae) represented by 20 species of 9 genera in China, was reconstructed based on sequence analysis of the internal transcribed spacers (ITS) (including ITS1, ITS2, and 5.8S rRNA gene ) of nuclear ribosomal DNA. Three species of two genera in the tribe Tinosporeae were designated as outgroups. Direct PCR sequencing method was used in the study, The sizes of ITS within trib. Menispermeae range from 527 to 601 bp. The aligned length is 667 bp, which provides 281 phylogenetically informative sites when gaps are treated as missing. The results of phylogenetic analyses show that: ① trib. Menispermeae is a monophyletic group strongly supported by a bootstrap value of 100%; ② Pachygone valida, whose systematic position was uncertain in the previous classification, should be placed in the Cocculus. ③Sinomenium and Menispermum are two close genera of the tribe. Their sequcences are very similar to each other, with ITS1 having 41 to 73 bp longer than that of the other genera in trib. Menispermeae. ④ Stephania and Cyclea are also closely related. The former forms two major clades, which are approximately consistent with the two traditional subgenera: subgen. Stephania and subgen. Tuberiphania. The species of Cyclea are mutually little diverged in complete ITS sequences, and they com-prise a sister clade to the genus Stephania.
    • GENG Bao-Yin, TA0 Jun-Rong, XIE Guang-Pu
      2001, 39 (2): 105–115
      Fossil plants from the lower part of Xianshuihe Formation in the Lanzhou Basin, Gansu Province were studied. The flora contains 29 species, representing 20 genera and 12 families, which include Lauraceae ( Daphnogene ), Lardizabalaceae ( Akebia ), Berberidaceae ( Berberis ), Ulmaceae ( Planera, Ulmus, Zelkova ), Betulaceae ( Alnus, Carpinus ), Myricaceae( Myrica ), Salicaceae ( Populus, Salix), Myrsinaceae(Ardisia), Rosaceae ( Prunus, Sorbus, Sorbaria, Spiraea ), Leguminosae ( Gleditsia, Sophora), Anacardiaceae (Rhus), Caprifoliaceae(Viburnum). An analysis of the floristic elements and their foliar physiognomy shows that most members of the flora are deciduous broad-leaved trees or shrubs with a few evergreen shrubs. The most noteworthy species is Rhus turcomanica which was present in the Middle Eocene to Late Eocene of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan). Generally, Rhus turcomanica occurred at the same beds as Palibinia, an extinct fossil plant whose presence indicates a subtropical dry climate. Another species, Sorbaria callicomifolia Kornilova was present from the Early Oligocene to Early Miocene of Central Asia (Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan). According to an analysis of spores and pollen, this flora contains over 20 species. It is predominated by the angiosperm pollen. There appeared Ephedripites and Nitrariadites which were important elements in the dry area. Ephedripites was found from the Upper Cretaceous to Early Tertiary. Nitrariadites occurred in the Late Miocene, whereas Rhus turcomanica and Sorbaria callicomifolia were both reported in the subtropical dry area from the Middle Eocene to Early Oligocene. The latest record of Rhus turcomanica is from the Middle Eocene to Early Oligocene of Central Asia. The presence of this element in the lower part of Xianshuihe Formation may indicate that itsage is the latest stage of the Early Oligocene.
    • ZHU Hua
      2001, 39 (2): 116–150
      A taxonomic revision of the genus Lasianthus Jack. from Thailand is made based on specimens in BKF, BK, L, AAU, K, BM, E, P, KEP, SING and PSU etc. Three species and three varieties are described as new; a new combination, L. trichophlebus subsp. barbellatus ( Ridley) H. Zhu, is made; eight species and five varieties are found to represent new records to Thailand; seven species, i.e. L. brevidens Craib, L. densifolius Miq., L. incomptus Craib, L. scalaris Craib, L. penicillatus Craib, L. virgatus Craib and L. zambalensis Elmer, axe reduced to synonyms; two species, L. brevipes Craib and L. lowianus King et Gamble are moved to the genus Saprosma; the delimitation of some species is clarified. As a result, fifty-two species, one sub-species and twelve varieties are recognized in the genus Lasianthus from Thailand.
    • WANG Qi, YANG Chang-You
      2001, 39 (2): 151–153
    • ZHAO Zhi-Li, WANG Zheng-Tao, DONG Hui, XU Luo-Shan
      2001, 39 (2): 154–155
    • LIU Zhong-Jian, CHEN Sing-Chi
      2001, 39 (2): 156–159
      Paphiopedilum microchilum Z. J. Liu et S. C. Chen from Yunnan, China, is described and illustrated. Its affinity with Paph. wardii Summerh. is briefly discussed.
    • YE Chuang-Xing, ZHENG Xin-Qiang
      2001, 39 (2): 160–162
    • WU Yu-Huan, CAO Tong, GAO Chien
      2001, 39 (2): 163–168
      During our recent study of the Chinese Amblystegiaceae, we found that Calliergon megalophyllum Mikut., Drepanocladus trichophyllus (Warnst.) Podp. and Cratoneuron filicinum (Hedw.) Spruce var. atro-virens (Brid.) Ochyra are new to China. The occurrance of Hygroumblystegium noterophilum (Sull. et Lesq. ) Warnst. in China as previously recorded represents only a misidentification. All the Chinese specimens referred to this species should be identified as Crato-neuron filicinum (Hedw.) Spruce var. atro-virens (Brid.) Ochyra.
    • YANG Yong, FU De-Zhi
      2001, 39 (2): 169–191
      Theories about the seed scale of conifers are reviewed. The classical Foliar Nature theory of Delpino & Penzig suggested that the ovuliferous scales in pine are homologous to the foliar appendages of a cone axis. The Ligular theory of Sachs & Eichler maintained that the seed scale of conifers is comparative to a ligule, because it grows out from a foliar organ, namely the bract. Bessey thought that the seed scale of conifers is the combined outgrowths of an ovule from its chalazal end, which is a sui generis structure thereafter. Kubart misproposed the aril nature of the ovuliferous structure in Juniperus. Arber' s Partial-Shoot theory held that an ovuliferous scale is homologous to a simple and limited shoot (a partial shoot) based on the Telome theory, but Meeuse remarked that the Telome theory was abused here. Dupler emphasized the integumental nature of the ovuliferous scales in taxads. The Brachyblast theory of Braun has increasingly convinced the present botanists on account of excellent studies from teratology, anatomy, ontogeny and palaeobotany. Based on the established evidence from teratology, anatomy, ontogeny and palaeobotany, the present authors believe that the seed scales of living conifers may have evolved from the secondary reproductive branches of the early conifers by phylogenetic metamorphism and fusion, and little differentiation during ontoge-ny in the living representatives. Decontaminated thianthrene disproportion. Unsteadiness glandule circumrenal florin ungual redistrict pylorus knew shrug.
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