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10 May 1998, Volume 36 Issue 3
    Research Articles
  • ZHAO Yi-Zhi, LI Su-Ying, CAO Rui, LIU Yun-Bo
    J Syst Evol. 1998, 36(3): 193-205.
    Panzerina lanata ( L. ) Sojak complex is distributed on the Mongolia plateau. Twenty-two populations representing six species in the complex: P. lanata, P. alaschanica, P . kansuensis , P . albescens , P. argyracea and P . parviflora , were sampled throughout the range of the complex including 2 provinces and 3 autonomous regions. Extensive studies were carried out by comparison of wild collection and cultivation, and morphological analysis based on character evaluation and multivariate procedures. It is showed that there exists considerable phenotypic plasticity in some morphological characters, especially those of the root, caudex and leaf. However, the characters of flowers, capsules and seeds were less influenced by environments. The character analysis indicates that some characters, which were used to distinguish taxa of the complex, for example the degree of leaf division, the morphology of calyx and so on, are continuous in a wide range in wild populations. Some “species” in the complex described according to the differences in those characters are only extreme individuals within their continuous variation. As a result, the above analysis and their geographical distribution suggest that P. alaschanica , P. kansuensis , P. albescens be actually the extreme individuals within P. lanata. In the same way, P. argyracea is invalid. The principal components analysis of 11 morphological characters on the individuals from 22 populations shows no differences. Thus, this paper considers that characters such as nutlet with or without wart, size of corolla exceeding calyx or not and dry flowers with or without colour, may be used to distinguish taxa of this complex. From the above analysis, it is indicated finally that the six species in this complex are better reduced taxonomically into two species, namely P. lanata (L.) Sojak and P. parviflora (C. Y. Wu et H. W. Li) Y. Z. Zhao, the difference of two species as follow: Nutlet surface smooth; corolla, 2~2.2 cm long; flower white and unchanging after dry .......................................................... Panzerina parviflora Nutlet surface tuberculate; corolla, 2.5~ 4 cm long; flower white, but becoming yel- lowish after dry ....................................................... P. lanata
  • XIONG Zhi-Ting, CHEN Sing-Chi
    J Syst Evol. 1998, 36(3): 205-215.
    Comparative studies of karyotypes in Hemerocallis from China have been carried out using numerical techniques. Taxa studied are as follows: Hemerocallis citrina, H. dumortieri , H. esculenta , H. forrestii , di- and triploid H. fulva , H. lilioasphodelus , H. middendorffii, H. minor, H. multiflora and H. plicata. The results show that variation in speciation has taken place at chromosomal level, and that karyotype variations have largely paralleled the morphological ones. Taxonomic proposals are given to treat H. citrina and H. minor as subspecies of H. lilioasphodelus, and H. esculenta as a variety of H. dumortieri. The results are not in favour of considering H. middendorffii as a variety ofH. dumortieri, and H. multiflora closely related to H. plicata.
  • DU Guang-Wei, YI Qing-Ming, CHEN Jia-Kuan
    J Syst Evol. 1998, 36(3): 216-221.
    The arbitrarily primed polymerase chain reaction(AP-PCR) technique was applied to the analysis of the phylogenetic relationships among species of Chinese Sagittaria except S. natans which is not included in this study. One hundred and twenty-seven polymorphism DNA fragments were generated by ten arbitrarily primers and used to calculate the genetic distance. A phylogenetic dendrogram was constructed based on genetic distance by UP-GMA method. The results show that Chinese Sagittaria can be divided into three groups, which are composed of seven species and three varieties or forms except S. natans. Thethree groups are: group I ,with only one species S. guayanensis; group Ⅱ ,composed of S. tengtsungensis, S. wuyiensis, S. lichuanensis and Segittaria sp.; group Ⅲ, S. potamogetifolia, S. pygmaea, S. trifolia var. trifolia, S. trifolia var. sinensis, S. trifolia f. longiloba. Results of the present study are congruent with those based on morphologi-cal and karyotypical ones.
  • YU Hong, HUANG Rui-Fu
    J Syst Evol. 1998, 36(3): 222-231.
    Analyzed in the present paper was the karyotype in six populations (Pi ,P2,P3, P4, P5, P6 ) of Pinus yunnanensis Franch. P1 is distributed in the central region of Yunnan, P2 in the southeast, P3 in tbenorthwest, P4(P. yunnanensis var. pygmaea (Hsüeh) Hsüeh)in the centre, P5(P. yuunnanensis var. tenuifolia Cheng et Law)in the juncture of southeastern Yunnan, northern Guangxi and southern Guizhou, and P6 is an introgression population between P. yunnanensis Frach and P. kesiya Royle ex Cord. var. langbianensis (A. Chev) Gaussen. The six populations had almost the same karyotypical formula, i.e., 2n= 2x= 24 = 24m(6~10 SAT). All the karyotypes of the six populations belong to the Stebbins' 1A. Therefore, no obvious variation was detected at general karyotype level in P. yunnanensis, but there existed slight variation in relative length, arm ratio, number of secondary constrictions and their distribution among the six populations. The indexes of relative length in the six populations are as follows: P1 = 16M2 + 6M1 + 2S; P2 = 14M2 + 8M1 + 2S; P3 = 12M2 + 10M1 + 2S; P4 = 14M2 + 8M1 + 2S; P5 = 14M2 + 8M1 + 2S; P6 = 10M2 + 12M1 + 2S. The nested analysis of variance shows that about 10% of the chromosomal variability is attributed to the differentiation among populations and the remaining 90 % within popula-tion.

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  • LI Xiu-Lan, SONG Wen-Qinv, AN Zhu-Ping, CHEN Rui-Yang
    J Syst Evol. 1998, 36(3): 232-237.
    The karyotype of representative species of eight genera in Magnoliaceae, including Magnolia,Manglietia ,Michelia ,Paramichelia , Tsoongiodendron ,Parakmeria, Liriodendron and Manglietiastrum, was studied. Their karyotype formulas are as follows: Magnolia coco 32m + 4sm + 2st(2SAT); Manglietia glauca 32m + 4sm + 2st(2SAT); Paramichelia baillonii 34m (2SAT) + 2sm + 2st (2SAT); Tsoongiodendron odorum 32m + 6sm (2SAT); Parakmeria omeiensis 56m + 16sm + 4st(2SAT); Liriodendron chinense 32m + 4sm(2SAT) + 2st(SAT); Manglietiastrum sinicum 28m + 4sm + 6st(6SAT); Michelia al-ba 34m+ 4sm(2SAT). The karyotype evolution of Magnoliaceae is discussed.
  • WANG Ping-Li, PU Fa-Ting, ZHENG Zhong-Hua
    J Syst Evol. 1998, 36(3): 238-241.
    The genus Trigonobalanus consists of three species which are disjunctly distributed in Asia and South America. Pollen grains of T. doichangensis (Camus) Forman, T. verticillata Forman and T. excelsa G. Lozano, J. Hdz-C. et J. He-nao were examined under light microscope (LM), scanning electron microscope (SEM), laser scanning confocal imagine system(MRC-600) and transmission electron microscope(TEM). Pollen morphology of these species of Trigonobalanus showed great variation in shape, aperture position and structure of exine. The pollen morphology of Trigonobalanus may be divided into three types: (A)Pollen grains of T. doichangensis are suboblate, with P/E=0.88~0.96, broad elliptic in equatorial view, obtusely triangular in polar view; 3-colporate, goniotreme, vestibulate and thickened on margin; the exine 2-layered, the thickest in aperture area, tectate-imperforate, verrucose-rugulose (SEM). (B) Pollen grains of T. excelsa are prolate, with P/E = 1.23 ~1.55, long-elliptic in equatorial view, trilobate or subtriangular in polar view; 3-colporoidate (3-colpate), pleurotreme (pretrime); tectate-perforate, crass-tuberculate or verrucose (SEM). (C) Pollen grains of T. verticillata are subsphaeroidal with P/E = 1.10~1.18, subcircular in equatorial view, trilobate-circular in polar view; 3-colporate, pleurotrime; tectate-perforate, fine-tuberculate or vermiculate short-striate (SEM). The pollen morphology of the three species of Trigonobalanus well supports the view-point of Nixin and Crepet to treat them as three monotypic genera, i.e. Formanodendren (F. doichangensis(Camus) Nixon et Crepet), Colombobalanus (C. excelsa (G. Lozano, J. Hdz-C. et J. Henao)Nixon et Crepet) and Trigonobalanus (T. verticillata Forman). Theresults also show that the three genera are closely related to Fagus and Ouercus.
  • KUNG Hsian-Shiu, ZHANG Li-Bing
    J Syst Evol. 1998, 36(3): 242-254.
    The members of Polystichum Roth sect. Lasiopolystichum Daigobo are familiar ferns in the alpine area of W. China, N. India and the Himalayas. They are deciduous with thin, weak leaves; their persistent base of petioles forms a clumb hiding and protecting buds from the frost in winter. This may be an adaptation to severe alpine environments. As an endemic and natural group, the treatment of it by S. Daigobo(1972) as an independent section, Polystichum sect. Lasiopolystichum is reasonable. On the basis of examination of the specimens of mainland China, 30 species are recognized under this section although S. Daigobo(1972) established this section with only three species included. Based on the microseales on the lower surface of pinnae, the section is divided into 2 series: Ser. Moupinensia and Ser. Sinensia. Moreover, three new species, two new varieties and a new combination are reported: P. rufopaleaceum, P. saxicola, P. kangdingense, P. sinese var. lo-batum , P. mollissium var. laciniatum , and P. integrilobum .
  • WANG You-Fang, HU Ren-Liang
    J Syst Evol. 1998, 36(3): 255-267.
    In 1929, V. F. Brotherus published eight species and one form of Chinese Brachytheciaceae based on Handel-Mazzetti's collections from Hunan, Guizhou and Yunnan provinces of China during 1914~1918. The holotypes of all the taxa mentioned above were studied by the present authors. Three names are newly reduced to synonyms: Brachythecium subcurvatulum≡ Brachythecium velutinum ; Rhynchostegium gracilescens≡ Eu-rhynchium savatieri and Rhynchostegium obsoletinerve≡Herzogiella turfacea.
  • LUAN Ri-Xiao, ZHANG Shu-Mei
    J Syst Evol. 1998, 36(3): 268-272.
    Two species of Chondrus, C. armatus (Harv.)Okam. and C. yendoi Yamada et Mikami from the coast of Dalian, Liaoning, China, are reported in this paper. C. yendoi is new to China.
  • SHEN Kuan-Mian
    J Syst Evol. 1998, 36(3): 273-275.
  • DAI Qi-Hui, HUANG Da-Yong
    J Syst Evol. 1998, 36(3): 279-280.
  • XIE Shu-Lian, LING Yuan-Jie
    J Syst Evol. 1998, 36(3): 281-283.
  • YI Yan-Jun, LIU Jia-Yao, GAO Chien
    J Syst Evol. 1998, 36(3): 284-285.