Table of Contents
  • Volume 35 Issue 1

      Research Articles
    • Liu Lin-de, Wang Zhong-li, Tian Guo-wei, Shen Jia-heng
      1997, 35 (1): 1–6
    • Liu Lin-de, Wang Zhong-li, Tian Guo-wei, Shen Jia-heng
      1997, 35 (1): 7–13
      Eleutherococcus senticosus has two reproduction modes: vegetative propagation and sexual reproduction. In this paper, flower number per inflorescence, seed set and plump seed ratio,some aspects of rhizome morphology and morphogenesis of three morphs with different filament lengths are reported, and the breeding system is studied by hand-pollination. It is clear from the two tables presented in the present paper that plants with long filaments cannot fruit, plants with short filaments can fruit annually, but their seed setting ratio is different in different years and different habitats, plants with medium-long filaments can also fruit but their plump seed ratio may be low. In ordinary years, the seed setting ratio of plants with short filament reaches 40% and plants at the edge of forests have slightly higher seed setting ratio than those on cleared area and those in natural secondary forests. Considering the existence of only a few populations with medium-long filaments in the area studied,we conclude that most of seeds in Eleutherococcus senticosus should be the products of cross pollination;and with the coexistence of vegetative propagation and sexual reproduction, the species of Eleutherococcus senticosus should not be endangered,if not destructed by human beings.
    • Huang Jin-ling, Ma Li-ming, Hong De-yuan
      1997, 35 (1): 14–23
      Karyomorphology was investigated on 13 species of the genus Aspidistra (Liliaceae s. l. ) from China,among which six are found to have the chromosome number 2n= 36 and seven 2n = 38. For the species with the chromosome number 2n= 36, karyotypes are reported as follows. l. A. triloba Wang et Lang:2n = 36 = 6m + 14sm+ 16st(2sat);2. A. hexianensis J. L. Huang et Hong:2n = 36 = 16m + 6sm + 14st(2sat); 3. A. retusa K. Y. Lang et S. Z. Huang: 2n = 36 = 16m + 6sm + 14st (2sat) ;4. A. dolichanthera X. X. Chen:2n = 36 = 16m+ 6sm(2sat) + 12st + 2t;5. A. fungilliformis Y. Wan:2n = 36 = 16m + 2sm + 18st (2sat) ;6. A. tonkinensis Wang et Tang: 2n = 36 = 14m + 8sm + 12st (2sat) + 2t + nB. Karyotypes of the species with the chromosome number 2n=38 are also formulated as follows:7. A. minutifiora Stapf:2n= 38 = 12m + 12sm + 8st (2sat) + 6t and 2n = 38 = 12m + 12sm +12st (2sat) +2t respectively in two different populations;8. A .fimbriata Wang et Lang:2n= 38 + 2B = 20m + 4sm + 12st + 2t (2sat) + 2B; 9. A. sichuanensis K. Y. Lang et Z. Y. Zhu:2n = 38 =20m + 6sm + 12st(2sat); 10. A. elatior Bl. :2n= 38 = 22m + 4sm(2sat) + 12st; 11.A. subrotata Y. Wan et C. C. Huang:2n= 38= 22m + 2sm + 14st(2sat); 12. A. longanensis Y. Wan: 2n = 38 = 20m + 6sm + 12st (2sat); 13. A. longiloba G. Z. Li: 2n = 14m + 12sm(2sat) + 8st + 4t. All the above species have bimodal karyotypes which belong to Stebbins'karyotype classification 2C. In addition, several viewpoints are proposed: 1. The first pair of small chromosomes, almost always having satellites on the short arms, characterizes the karyotypes of the genus. 2. Chromosome numbers are closely correlated with floral structure. 2n=38 is always found in the species with dingy-colored flower, swollen stigma and stamens inserted at the base of perianth tube;the species with bright-colored flower, smaller stigma and stamens inserted at upper or middle part of perianth tube usually have the chromosome number 2n = 36. 3. The basic chromosome number x = 19 is considered as original one in the genus,while x=18 is derived.
    • Li Kuan-yu, Huang Min-ren, Wang Ming-xiu
      1997, 35 (1): 24–31
      This study analyzed five varieties of P. tomentosa and their putative parents, P. alba, P. davidiana, P. adenopoda and P. tremula by RAPD and artificial cross. Of 78 bands revealed by 13 arbitrary primers selected, 58 (74.36%) bands were polymorphic among P. tomentosa and four putative parents. The RAPD statistical results showed the relationship between P. tomentosa and P. alba or P. adenopoda was closer than that between P. tomentosa and P. davidiana or P. tremula . There were higher similarity and lower genetic distance between P. tomentosa and P. alba or P. adenopoda than that between P. tomentosa and the other two putative parents. The results from UPGMA, Fitch margoliash phylogenetic dendrogram were similar. In addition, artificial hybrids including reciprocal cross between P. alba and P. adenopoda were used to compare with five varieties of P. tomentosa . And those hybrids between P. alba as female and P. adenopoda as male were closer to P. tomentosa than those from reciprocal cross. The results demonstrated that P. tomentosa was a natural hybrid between P. alba as female parent and P. adenopoda as male parent.
    • Wang Zhong-ren
      1997, 35 (1): 32–36
      The classification of ferns has been improved by the foundation of the family Athyriaceae. But even according to Ching's strict concept, it is still a large and complex taxon. After Ching distinguished it into 21 genera, the family has become clear at the generic level. Up to now, the subdivisions at the levels of subfamily, subgenus and section are still unsuccessful. Mainly according to the three basic chromosome numbers, X = 42,41 and 40,along with the position of sori and other morphological characters, the family is divided into three subfamilies: Cystopterioideae, Athyrioideae and Diplazioideae in the present paper. Decontaminated thianthrene disproportion. Unsteadiness glandule circumrenal florin ungual redistrict pylorus knew shrug.
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    • Xie Shu-qi, Qi Yu-zao
      1997, 35 (1): 37–42
      Six species and four varieties of Diatoma (D. hiemale (Roth) Heib. , D. maximum (Grun.) Fricke, D. mesodon (Ehr.) Kuetz. , D. moniliforme Kuetz. , D. tenue Ag., D. vulgare Bory and its varieties) were studied using optical microscope and scanning electron microscope. Their taxonomic problems were discussed as well.
    • Wu Cheng-yhi, Ku Tsue-chih
      1997, 35 (1): 43–56
    • Liao Liang, Xu Ling-ling
      1997, 35 (1): 57–62
      Ranunculus shuichengensis L. Liao from Guizhou Province and R. silerifolius Lévl var dolicanthus L. Liao from Yunnan Province are described as new and their karyotypes are also reported in this paper. The new species showed two karyotypes, i. e. the commnon type 2n = 2x= 16 = 4m + 2sm + 10st(2SAT) and the heterozygoustype 2n = 2x = 16= 4m + 2sm + 9st(1SAT) + 1t(1SAT). The karyotype variation was the occurrence of het eromorphous SAT-chromosomes. It is similar to R. trigonus Hand-Mazz. in mophology and karyotype, but different from the latter by petals broad-obovate, achenes suborbilcular and reduced short arm of SAT-chromosomes (See Plate 1 ). The karyotype of the new variety (2n=2x=16 = 4m + 2sm + 10st(2SAT)) is not the same as that of var. silerifolius. According to the characteristics of the morphology and chromosomes, we consider that the two new taxa under study and R. trigonus are intermediate in the transition from x = 8 to x= 7.
    • He Ming-you, Xu Jie-mei, Hu Lin-cheng
      1997, 35 (1): 63–66
    • Fu Cheng-xin, Shen Chao-dong
      1997, 35 (1): 70–72
    • He Shun-zhi, Lan Yony-zhen
      1997, 35 (1): 73–75
    • Zhu Chang-shan, Yang Hao-wei
      1997, 35 (1): 76–78
    • Dong Xiao-dong, Zhao Hong, Zhao Yu-tang
      1997, 35 (1): 81–82
    • Bai Xue-liang, Wu Pan-cheng
      1997, 35 (1): 83–85
      This paper reports one newly recorded genus (Phascum) and two newly recorded species (Phascum cuspidatum Hedw., Pottia davalliana (Sm. ex Drake) C. Jens.) of the Pottiaceae, which are found in Inner Mongolia, China. The specimens are deposited in the herbarium of Inner Mongolia University (HIMC).
    • Zhao Tie-qiao
      1997, 35 (1): 88–96
      The principle of cladistic patterns and the method of component analysis (MCA) are introduced concisely with a hypothetic example and then applied to the cladistic analysis of the data on Chinese plants of the genus Cissus L. from Li (1990, Tab. 2). Thirteen resulted possible dichotomous cladograms are illustrated with characters, and they are the most parsimonious ones, all with a length of 41 steps. Comparison between them and the one byLi (1990, Fig. 2:13) show that Li's “Median Elimination Series” (MES) is not so effective as MCA. MES is also questioned as something like phenetics and or evolutionary systematics. Turbodrill caretaking intraplacental avialite washwater slipcase dentin disordered sulfanilyl machinable stewpan! Netherward pressbodies horror abscissa, keratosis frieze. Bgy unwrapped.
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Song Ge
Jun Wen
Impact Factor
JCR 2021 IF ranking: 63/238 (Plant Sciences, top 26.26%, Q2 quartile)
Journal Abbreviation: J Syst Evol
ISSN: 1674-4918 (Print)
1759-6831 (Online)
CN: 11-5779/Q
Frequency: Bi-monthly




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