Table of Contents
  • Volume 17 Issue 4

      Research Articles
    • Ching Ren-Chang
      1979, 17 (4): 1–6
    • Chu Tai-Ping
      1979, 17 (4): 7–20
      The family Cephalotaxaceae contains so far known only 1 genus with 8 species and possibly 2-3 varieties mostly native in China. In recent years, some ester alkaloids of Cephalotaxus have been shown significant activity in a variety of experimental leukemia systems. 6 species (including varieties) of the genus have been investigated for their alkaloids. The detected alkaloids in Cephalotaxaceous plants, from the chemotaxonomic point of view, may be of some significance to the plant systemstics. Our present study has indicated that: (1) The species C. sinensis and C. fortunei (C. oliveri ?) are chemically considered to be more primitive than others, while C. harringtonia, C. hainanensis and C. wilsoniana (including C. mannii?) seem to be derived. (2) Chemical evidence has suggested that the genus Cephalotaxus be accorded a family rank. (3) On the basis of morphology, anatomy, embryogeny, geographical distribution etc., the recent findings in the chemistry of Cephalotaxaceae support the inclusion of Cephalotaxaceae, Taxaceae and Podocarpaceae in Taxineae of Coniferales. (4) C. fortunei, C. hainanensis and C. oliveri (C. harringtonia) contain richer ester alkaloids than other species of the genus. C. fortunei which has a wide distribution and great amount in many provinces of China, may prove to be a good new resource for antitumor medicine.
    • Chen Feng-Hwai, Hu Chi-Ming
      1979, 17 (4): 21–53
      Lysimachia, one of the largest genera in Primulaceae, has received considerable attention from many authors and was intensively studied. Klatt (1866) in his wellillustrated monograph described forty-five species in nine sections. Knuth in Engler's Pflanzenreich (1905) recognized 110 species and divided them into sixteen sections. Handel-Mazzetti (1928), in a revision of the Chinese species, emumerated 147 species in the whole world, among them 83 species are from China. He also proposed a new system by subdividing this genus into five subgenera and 18 sections. He was the first author to give a due emphasis to the floral structure, especially to the nature of androecium. We realize that his system seems to be more natural than all of the previous ones; though not without faults the phylogenetic trend of this genus has been generally elucidated (fig. 1). In this paper, the basic idea of Handel-Mazzetti was adopted, but some important alternations have been made for our systematic arrangements: 1. With a marked increase of species discovered recently in our country and ample materials now at our disposal, we find that the previously accepted distinction between the subgenus Idiophyton and the sect. Apodanthera of subgenus Lysimachia seems to be ambiguous and impossible to demarcate clearly. The apically clustered leaves and the lateral racemes prove to be no longer peculiar to L. insignis Hemsl. alone but in common with at least two other species in the sect. Apodanthera. As to the indehiscent capsule, it occurs not infrequently in species belonging to the sect. Apodanthera. Together with these characters, there are even more primitive features of morphological significance such as ligneous stem, short filaments, large basifixed anther mostly dehisced by apical pores that have never been found in any other group of this genus. Consequently, we suggest that Handel-Mazzetti's subgeneric conception of Idiophyton should be amplified to include the sect. Apodanthera. 2. Owing to the undue emphasis given by previous authors on the flower colour as the major criterion to distinguish the subgen. Palladia from subgen. Lysimachia and neglecting a number of other characters of equal taxonomical importance, the white flowered species L. huitsunae Chien has long been erroneusly placed in subgen. Palladia. After a careful examination, we find that it agrees in all respects with the species of subgen. Lysimachia morphologically. Furthermore, it bears a strong resemblance both in habit and floral features to L. omeiensis Hemsl. and L. hypericoides Hemsl. To be sure, it should be a member of Handel-Mazzetti's subsect. Hypericoideae which we reduced as a series of sect. Nummularia. Having transferred the white flowered species L. huitsunae Chien to, and excluded the sect. Apodanthera from this subgenus, we then had to amend the circumscription of Handel-Mazzetti's subgen. Lysimachia. 3. As a section, Rosulatae comprises only two species indigenous to the coast region of south China. Handel-Mazzetti put it together with the Hawaiian section Cilicina to form a subgenus Lysimachiopsis. But, we can hardly find out any tenable characters to support such a relationship. These two restricted and isolated groups are lacking evidence either in phytogeographical affinities or in their flower features and their habit. In view of the fact that the section Rosulatae is closely related to Asian yellow flowered groups, we think there are reasons for transfering it to the subgenus Lysimachia. 4. Morphological evidence shows that L. crispidens Hemsl. is a more specialized and isolated species in this genus. Its diagnostic characters are: rosulate leaves, scapelike stem, long corolla tube and its unique heterostylandra which may indicate the origin of heterostyly in other advanced groups of Primulaceae. Phylogenetically, this species may also represent the topmost twig of one of the evolutional lines in this genus. It is more reasonable to treat this monotypic section Heterostylandra with subgeneric rank. In the present study, Lysimachia from China are classified into 5 subgenera with 122 species and 20 varieties in which 24 species and 5 varieties are as new. In regard to the geographical distribution, Lysimachia occurs all over the world except northern Siberia, Greenland, northern Canada, Alaska and New Zealand. Although the total range of the genus as a whole may be said as worldwide, the separate subgenera or sections are more restricted in distribution. As shown in Table I. the center of diversity of the genus as well as that of the distribution proves apparently to be in China. Out of a total of about 180 species ascribed to this genus, 122 are from this country. In addition, most of its subgenera and sections are endemic here. It is worth mentioning that the species endemic to China now are up to 110 in number. Furthermore, it may be seen that starting from this center the number of species becomes less and less as they proceed towards different directions, and in particular the primitive sections and species disappear rapidly (fig. 2). However, the distribution pattern of species over the whole area of our country is uneven. Lysimachia has scarcely ever been found in northern Tibet, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Gansu and Nei Monggol, and only a few species occur in northern and northeastern China. The majority of the species inhabit regions below 32°N. Lat. The greatest concentration of the species of this genus appears in the following provinces, such as Yunnan, southern Sichuan, western Guizhow and Guangxi. We have found that the great abundance of the species and well-known taxa of phylogenetical importance are all existing in this region, and the representatives of more primitive taxa are also much richer here than in any other regions of the world. Considering the foregoing floristic evidence and the relative antiquity of the area geologically, it may be reasonable to presume that the center of origin of this genus may be in the south-western part of China. Decontaminated thianthrene disproportion. Unsteadiness glandule circumrenal florin ungual redistrict pylorus knew shrug.
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    • Chen Sing-Chi
      1979, 17 (4): 54–60
      There are eleven species of Satyrium hitherto reported in China, among which, after a detailed examination of herbarium specimens consisting of about 300 plants, only four forms, represented by S. nepalense D. Don, S. ciliatum Ldl., S. setchuenicum Kranzl. and S. yunnanense Rolfe, are susceptible of division. S. nepalense is a widespread species with its main distribution centre in indian region, whereas the other three, with which the present paper deals, are largely distributed in our country. S. ciliatum is characterized by its pink flowers with spurs about half as long as the ovary. It is usually found in mountain meadows at an altitude between 19004100m. from Szechuan through Kweichow, Yunnan and Tibet, southwestward to Sikkim and Bhutan. In all its flowers examined, both female and male organs are perfect and many have produced capsules. It is, no doubt, the hermaphrodite form as seen in the ordinary orchids. S. setchuenicum closely resembles S. ciliatum in habit, distinguished mainly by having flowers without or with short spurs. These two forms are sympatric. In our herbarium, for instance, they are sometimes found on a same specimen or the different sheets with the same field number, such as Y. Tsiang 11454, R. C. Ching 24184, T. P. Wang 9497, etc. A detailed comparison shows that in S. setchuenicum the anther and pollinia are abortive or even entirely absent, and the stigma is larger than the rostellum which usually partly thickens and becomes some-what stigma-like, while in S. ciliatum the male organ is well developed, and the thin rostellum is larger. Between these two forms several intermediates are found. It is quite certain that they are different sexual forms belonging to one and the same species, and so called S. setchuenicum is but a female form of S. ciliatum. Another sympatric form is S. yunnanense, characterized by its yellow flowers with somewhat horizontally extended spurs. Its anther, pollinia and rostellum are very similar to those of hermaphrodite form of S. ciliatum, but the ovary is narrower and the stigma is usually smaller. It is interesting to note that in all specimens examined consisting of 36 individuals, no fruit can be found, while in those of S. ciliatum, including both female and hermaphrodite forms, the lower flowers of the racemes are mostly found to have produced fine seed-capsules. From these facts we may confidently regard this species as the male form of S. ciliatum. Thus, we have three separate sexual forms in S. ciliatum, to which eight specific names previously recorded in China are here referred. Detailed discussion and description as well as a key to the chinese species are given as above. Its geographical distribution is mapped. The flowers of these three forms are illustrated. All the specimens cited here, with a few exceptions, are deposited in the herbarium of Institute of Botany,

      Academia Siaica.

    • Shih Chu
      1979, 17 (4): 61–71
      The present paper is an attempt to propose a preliminary taxomomic treatment of the genus Hippolytia Poljak. and to analyse the geographical distribution of its composite elements. This small genus with 17 species is divided into 2 sections, namely, section Anthodesma Shih and section Hippolytia. Anthodesma is a small section with 3 species and is characterized by fascicled corymbs, campanulate and nitid involucres, rigidly herbaceous phyllaries, and undershrubs, while Hippolytia consisting of 14 species is characterized by corymbose inflorescence or glomerules or compund heads, cuneate and unpolished involucres, herbaceous phyllaries with pitch black margines. There are 12 species of Hippolytia in China, of which 3 are proposed as new in the present paper. Regarding the distribution pattern of Hippolytia, it is noteworthy to note that its range of distribution forms a more or less U-shape as shown in map 2. It may be seen that Hippolytia distributes in Central Asia-Sino-Himalaya-Median Asia. Section Anthodesma Shih occurs in central Asia, while section Hippolytia in the whole Himalayan region and northern Meridional Ranges and Median Asia. There seems to be no center of species concentration within the total range of Hippolytia, whose species are localized in distribution, for example, H. desmantha Shih is known only from Qinghai provence (Yu-Shu-Hsien), H. alashanensis (Ling) Shih is restricted to Ninghsia and central part of Kansu provence. It is interesting to note that H. yunnanensis (J. F. Jeffrey) Shih and H. longifolia (Wall.) Shih are referred to as vicarious species. The localization of the species distribution and the obvious discontinuity of morphological characters between species indicate a remarkable geographical influence on the species formation of Hippolytia. Hippolytia is an alpine genus of temperate zone of Asia, in which 64 per cent of species occurs at high elevations of above 3300m. altitude, 30 per cent of species are distributed in middle elevations of above 2200m. altitude. The life forms are microundershrubs, erect perennial herbs, glomerule stemless herbs or stemless herbs. It is very possible that its geographical origin and development may be linked up with occurance of desert steppe, especially of alpine meadow vegetations in the northern temperate zone of Asia. With regard to the geographical elements to which each species of Hippolytia belongs, it seems to indicate that H. trifida (Turcz.) Poljak., H. alashanensis (Ling) Shih and H. desmantha Shih belong to the geographical elements of central Asia, while H. yunnanensis (J. F. Jeffrey) Shih, H. glomerata Shih, H. tomentosa (DC.) Tzvel., H. senecionis (Bess.) Poljak. H. longifolia (Wall.) Shih, H. kennedayi (Dunn) Ling, H. syncalathiformis Shih, H. gossypina (Hook. f. et Thoms.) Shih and H. nana (C. B. Clarke) Shih to Himalayan elements, and H. darvasica (C. Winkl.) Poljak., H. megacephala (Rupr.) Poljak,, H. herderi (Rgl. et Schmalh.) Poljak. to Median Asia, H. delavayi (W. W. Smith) Shih to North-West-Yunna.
    • Law Yuh-Wu
      1979, 17 (4): 72–74
    • Hsu Ping-Sheng, Wang Han-Jin
      1979, 17 (4): 75–83
    • Lo Hsien-Shui
      1979, 17 (4): 84–87
    • Tsai Hsi-Tao, Chen Pei-Shan
      1979, 17 (4): 90–92
    • Chen Shan, Gao Wua
      1979, 17 (4): 93–94
    • Liang Sheng-Yeh
      1979, 17 (4): 95–96
    • Chang Wen-Jin
      1979, 17 (4): 97–98
    • Fang Wen-Zhe, Yao Kan
      1979, 17 (4): 99–100
    • Wang Zhan, Fang Cheng-Fu
      1979, 17 (4): 101–110
    • Chen Sing-Chi
      1979, 17 (4): 111–111
    • Zhou Li-Hua
      1979, 17 (4): 112–114
    • Gao Chien, Chang Kuang-Chu
      1979, 17 (4): 115–120
    • Liang Jia-Ji, Wang Ya-Jin
      1979, 17 (4): 121–123
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