J Syst Evol ›› 2006, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (5): 608-611.doi: 10.1360/aps040177

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Three new synonyms in Mussaenda (Rubiaceae) from China

1 2DENG Xiao-Fang, 1ZHANG Dian-Xiang*   

  1. 1(South China Botanical Garden, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou 510650, China)

    2(Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100039, China)
  • Received:2004-12-20 Online:2005-06-08 Published:2006-09-07

Abstract: The taxonomic status of two species and one form of the genus Mussaenda (Rubiaceae) from China is clarified: M. inflata Hsue & H. Wu, M. anomala Li and M. pubescens Ait. f. forma clematidiflora Chun ex Hsue & H. Wu are reduced to synonyms of M. hirsutula Miq., M. esquirolii Lévl. and M. pubescens Ait. f. respectively.

Key words: Mussaenda, Mussaenda hirsutula, Mussaenda esquirolii, Mussaenda pubescens, synonymy, Rubiaceae

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