J Syst Evol ›› 1980, Vol. 18 ›› Issue (2): 211-216.

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On the validity of the genera Sinocalamus McClure and Lingnania McClure

Chia Liang‐Chi, Fung Hok‐Lam   

  • Published:1980-05-18

Abstract: When F. A. McClure published the new genus Sinocalamus McClure in 1940, the 4 species he listed are S. latiflorus (Munro) McClure, S. beecheyanus (Munro) McClure, S. oldhami (Munro) McClure and S. affinis (Rendle) McClure. After careful examination, the authors of this paper considered that the type species of McClure’s genus S. latiflorus (Munro) McClure should belong to the genus Dendrocalamus Nees, and the other species are of Bambusa Schreber. Owing to Sinocalamus McClure is not a taxon representative of its type species, but a mixture, it must be rejected as a synonym of Dendrocalamus Nees. In consequence then, the authors make adjustment to the taxonomic category of the 14 species and 1 variety which have ever been in Sinocalamus McClure. As for the characters of Lingnania McClure, except that some differences exist in the vegetative parts, the structure of the spikelets is in the main the same as that of Bambusa Schreber. Consequently, with regard to the systematic relationship, the authors consider it may be more resonable that the rank of Lingnania McClure should be altered to Bambusa Schreber subg. Lingnania (MeClure) Chia et H. L. Fung; all the species of Lingnania McClure, except that L. tsiangii McClure should be transferred to Dendrocalamus Nees, should be assignable to Bambusa Schreber subg. Lingnania (McClure) Chia et H. L. Fung.