J Syst Evol ›› 1983, Vol. 21 ›› Issue (2): 113-120.

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On the Numerical Classification and Determination of Taxa of Chinese Bamboos with Leptomorph Rhizomes

Chen Shou-Liang, Xu Ke-Xue, Sheng Guo-Ying   

  • Online:1983-05-18 Published:1983-05-18

Abstract: In this paper, 21 species representing 13 genera were studied by means of humerical taxonomic methodes. One geographical and 52 morphological characters were used. The correlation coefficients were computed by standardized data, and the various clustering methods were performed on the correlation matr x. The UPGMA clustering method was selected as the optimal one and its results were shown in the form of dendrograms. We present a simple method to construct the joint and broken lines by which the boundary of the genera, subtribes and tribes in the dendrogram is determined. By means of numerical taxonomic methods, we can easily work out a systematic dendrogram and the following taxonomic treatments are easily proposed: (1) Sasamorpha sinica (Keng) Koidz. should be reffered to the genus Sasa Makino & Shibata. (2) Pseudosasa amabilis (McClure) Keng f. should belong to the genus Pseudosasa Makino and should not be referred to the genus Arundinaria Michaux. (3) The genus Brachystachyum Keng should be considered as a separate one. (4) The genus Pleioblastus Nakai should not be combined with the genus Arun-dinaria Michaux, but kept as an independent one.

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