J Syst Evol ›› 1993, Vol. 31 ›› Issue (3): 201-226.

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Notulae de Ranunculaceis Sinensibus (XV)

Wang Wen-tsai   

  • Published:1993-05-18

Abstract: (1) The confusion of the circumscription of Aconitum delavayi Franch., an alpine erect species endemic to the Mt. Maershan, province Yunnan, which was brought about by Finet & Gagnep. and Handel-Mazzetti with an inclusion of a lowland twinning species, Aconitum episcopale Lévl., is clarified. Three Chinese specimens cited by Handel-Mazzetti under Aconitum baicalense Turcz. ex Rapaics in fact represent three taxa of the genus Acontium other than A. baicalense. Examination of the type specimens shows that Clematis grata Wall. var. grandidentata Rehd. et Wils., with pinnate leaves and few-flowered axillary inflorescences, was erroneously referred to C. grate Wall. var. argentilucida (Lévl. et Van. ) Rehd., with ternate leaves and many-flowered axillary inflorescences, by Rehder. As a matter of fact, the former represents an independent species related to C. grata Wall. and should be raised to specific rank, and the latter should be a variety of C. apiifolia DC., being identical with C. apiifolia DC. var. obtusidentata Rehd. et Wils. (2) Aconitum delavayi Franch. var. leiocarpum Finet et Gagnep. (=A. contorum Finet et Gagnep. ), A. vilmorinianum Kom. var. altifidum W. T. Wang ( =A. episcopale Lévl.), Delphinium leptopogon Hand-Mazz. (=D. siwanense Franch. ), D. calleryi Franch. =D. anthriscifolium Hance var. calleryi (Franch.) Finet et Gagnep. ( =D. anthriscifolium Hance var. anthriscifolium), Thalictrum thibeticum Franch. (= T. delavayi Franch. ), and C. apiifolia DC. var. obtusidentata Rhed. et Wils. (=C. apiifolia DC. var. argentilucida (Lévl. et Van. ) W. T. Wang) are all reduced into synonymies. Owing to that Thalictrum delavayi Franch. var. decorum Franch. is a famous ornamental plant and according to Art. 14 of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature, Thalictrum delavayi Franch. (1886) is suggested to be conserved against the earlier name Thalictrum thibeticum Franch. ( 1885). ( 3) Aconitum episcopale Lévl., Thalictrum lecoyeri Franch. T. macrostigma Finet et Gagnep. (= T. sino-rnacrostigma W. T. Wang), Clematis pterantha Dunn, C. tangutica (Maxin.) Korsh. var. obtusiuscula Rehd. et Wils., and Adonis davidii Franch., which were put into synonymies by various authors, are restored. (4) The infraspecific taxa of Thalictrum delavayi Franch. are reviewed and the revised diagnosis for each taxon is given. The affinities between the species of the Clematis acuminata group are discussed. A key to the species of ser. Acutangulae is given. (5) one series, three species, three varieties, and two forms are described as new. One new combination, and four new ranks are made, and one new name is given. (6) The foreign distribution of Aconitum hemsleyanum Pritz. var. circinatum W. T. Wang, Asteropyrum pehatum (Oliv.) Drumm. et Hutch., and Thalictrum alpinum L. var. elatum Ulbr., which were formerly known endemic to China, isreported.

Key words: Ranunculaceae, China, taxonomical notes, new taxa, new distribution records