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Studies on Karyotypes of Two Species in Kengyilia and Three Species in Roegneria

Sun Gen-lou, Yan Ji, Yang Jun-liang   

  • Online:1993-11-18 Published:1993-11-18

Abstract: The karyotypes of 3 species of Roegneria and 2 species of Kengyilia were analysed in this paper. They are all reported for the first time, and the karyotype formulae are as follows: R. nutans, 2n = 4X= 28 = 26m+ 2sm; R. abolinii, 2n = 4X =28 = 24m + 4sm; R. aristiglumis, 2n = 6X = 42 = 32m + 10sm (2sat); K. tahelacana 2n = 6X = 42 = 36m (2sat)+6sm (2sat); K. zhoasuensis, 2n = 6X= 42 = 34m(4sat)+ 8sm. According to the characters of karyotypes, K. tahelacana and K. zhoasuensis havethe S, Y, P genomes of genus Kengyilia.

Key words: Roegneria, Kengyilia, Karyotype analysis

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