J Syst Evol ›› 1993, Vol. 31 ›› Issue (6): 569-574.

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Some New Species of Pteridophytes from Hengduan Mountains

Shing Kong-hsia   

  • Published:1993-11-18

Abstract: Thirteen new species of pteridophytes are described from the Hengduan Mountains, China. They are Selaginella laxistrobila Shing, S. trichophylla Shing, Hypodematium daochengense Shing, Stegnogramma latipinna Ching, Pseudocyclosorus pseudorepens Ching et Y. X. Lin, P. subfalcilobus Ching, Pyrrosia pseudodrakeana Shing, Lepisorus neolewisii Shing, L. bilouensis Ching et Y. X. Lin, Polypodium muliense Ching, P. nervopilosum Shing, P. intermediumChing et S. K. Wu and P. daochengense Ching et S. K. Wu.

Key words: Hengduan Mt., Pteridophytes, New Species