J Syst Evol ›› 1997, Vol. 35 ›› Issue (1): 57-62.

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New Taxa of the Genus Ranunculus from China and Their Karyotypes

Liao Liang, Xu Ling-ling   

  • Published:1997-01-10

Abstract: Ranunculus shuichengensis L. Liao from Guizhou Province and R. silerifolius Lévl var dolicanthus L. Liao from Yunnan Province are described as new and their karyotypes are also reported in this paper. The new species showed two karyotypes, i. e. the commnon type 2n = 2x= 16 = 4m + 2sm + 10st(2SAT) and the heterozygoustype 2n = 2x = 16= 4m + 2sm + 9st(1SAT) + 1t(1SAT). The karyotype variation was the occurrence of het eromorphous SAT-chromosomes. It is similar to R. trigonus Hand-Mazz. in mophology and karyotype, but different from the latter by petals broad-obovate, achenes suborbilcular and reduced short arm of SAT-chromosomes (See Plate 1 ). The karyotype of the new variety (2n=2x=16 = 4m + 2sm + 10st(2SAT)) is not the same as that of var. silerifolius. According to the characteristics of the morphology and chromosomes, we consider that the two new taxa under study and R. trigonus are intermediate in the transition from x = 8 to x= 7.

Key words: Ranunculus, R. shuichengensis L. Liao, R. silerifolius Lévl var. dolicanthus L. Liao, karyotype