J Syst Evol ›› 2001, Vol. 39 ›› Issue (2): 97-104.

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Phylogeny of the tribe Menispermeae (Menispermaceae) reconstructed by ITS sequence data

HONG Ya-Ping, CHEN Zhi-Duan, LU An-Ming   

  • Published:2001-03-10

Abstract: The phylogeny of the tribe Menispermeae (Menispermaceae) represented by 20 species of 9 genera in China, was reconstructed based on sequence analysis of the internal transcribed spacers (ITS) (including ITS1, ITS2, and 5.8S rRNA gene ) of nuclear ribosomal DNA. Three species of two genera in the tribe Tinosporeae were designated as outgroups. Direct PCR sequencing method was used in the study, The sizes of ITS within trib. Menispermeae range from 527 to 601 bp. The aligned length is 667 bp, which provides 281 phylogenetically informative sites when gaps are treated as missing. The results of phylogenetic analyses show that: ① trib. Menispermeae is a monophyletic group strongly supported by a bootstrap value of 100%; ② Pachygone valida, whose systematic position was uncertain in the previous classification, should be placed in the Cocculus. ③Sinomenium and Menispermum are two close genera of the tribe. Their sequcences are very similar to each other, with ITS1 having 41 to 73 bp longer than that of the other genera in trib. Menispermeae. ④ Stephania and Cyclea are also closely related. The former forms two major clades, which are approximately consistent with the two traditional subgenera: subgen. Stephania and subgen. Tuberiphania. The species of Cyclea are mutually little diverged in complete ITS sequences, and they com-prise a sister clade to the genus Stephania.

Key words: Menispeermaceae, trib.Menispermeae, Internal transcribed spacers(ITS), Phylogeny