J Syst Evol ›› 1993, Vol. 31 ›› Issue (5): 413-421.

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Cytotaxonomy of Ferula L. in China

Liu Qi-xin, Sheh Meng-lan, Chen Xiao-ya   

  • Published:1993-09-18

Abstract: The karyotypes of somatic cells of three species in Ferula L. (Umbelliferae) from China are reported for the first time in this paper. F. licentiana Hand. -Mazz., endemic to China, has the karyotype formula of 2n= 22= 14m+ 2sm+ 6st( 2SAT), which consists of nine pairs of L chromosomes (the relative length > 8.0) and two pairs of M chromosomes (the relative length, 8.0- 6.0). The index of the karyotypic asymmetry (AS. K%) is 36.36%, and the karyotype belongs to 2A (Stebbins 1971). F. licentiana var. tunshanica (Su) Shan et Q. X. Liu has the karyotypic formula of 2n=22= 14m+ 8st(2SAT), and the other characters of karyotype are very similar to those of F. licentiana. The karyotypic formula of F. bungeana Kitag. is 2n=22= 12m+ 6sm+ 2st. There are 8 pairs of L chromosomes and 3 pairs of M chromosomes in this karyotype. The AS.K% is 45.45% and thus the karyotype is rather symmetrical (2A). Based on above data, F.licentiana var. tunshanica may be treated as a variety of F.licentiana and F.bungeana be separated from Subgen. Peucedanoides. According to our study and available data, we consider that the basic chromosome number of Ferula is x= 11. The karyotypic evolution of 11 species in the genus from China is analysed. All species are grouped into 5 groups based on the cluster analysis of chromosome data: I.F. akitschensis B. Fedtsch. ex K.-Pol.; II. F. lapidosa Korov., III. F. bungeana. The above-mentioned three species belong to Subgen. Peucedanoides in classification. IV. This group is divided into two subgroups: (1) F. syreitschikowii K.-Pol. and F. ovina (Boiss.) Boiss.; (2) F. lehmannii Boiss., F. licentiana, F. licentiana var. tunshanica, F. Kirialovii Pimen. and F. sumbul (Kauffm.)Hook. f., in which F.lehmannii belongs to Subgen. Merwia, F. syteritschikowii to Subgen. Narthex and the rest five species to Subgen.Peucedanoides. V. F.caspica M. Bieb. of Subgen. Doromatoides.

Key words: Umbelliferae, Ferula, Karyotype, Cytotaxonomy