J Syst Evol ›› 2002, Vol. 40 ›› Issue (4): 364-370.

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Additional notes on the subgenus Brachypetalum (s. l.) of Paphiopedilum

LIU Zhong-Jian, CHEN Sing-Chi, ZHANG Jian-Yong   

  • Published:2002-07-18

Abstract: Two new orchid taxa, Paphiopedilum globulosum Z. J. Liu et S. C. Chen and Paphiopedilum micranthum Tang et Wang var. oblatum Z. J. Liu et J. Y. Zhang, are described and illustrated based on cultivated plants originating in southeastern Yunnan. Both of them are related to Paphiopdilum micranthum Tang et Wang, from which the former differs by having much broader leaves 2.8 ~ 3.4 cm wide, a somewhat hooked-tipped lip 1.1 ~ 1.2 cm wide, and a staminode al-most as big as the mouth of the lip, and the latter by broader leaves 2.2 ~ 3 cm wide and an oblate lip at a depth of no more than 1 cm. They all belong to the subgenus Brachypetalum (s. l. ). A key to 16 Chinese and Vietnamese species of this subgenus is provided.

Key words: Paphiopedilum, P. globulosum, P. micranthum var. oblatum, Subgen. Brachypetalum, new species, new variety, Key, China, Vietnam