J Syst Evol ›› 1980, Vol. 18 ›› Issue (2): 142-153.

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A priliminary study of the correlation between phylogeny, chemical constituents and pharmaceutical aspects in the taxa of Chinese Ranunculaceae

Xiao Pei-Gen (Hsiao Pei-Ken)   

  • Published:1980-05-18

Abstract: As a genus Acronema was first proposed by Falconer, but it was only a nomen nudum. The genus was effectively established by Edgeworth (1851) on the basis of a himalayan species, Acronema tenerum (Wall) Edgew. (= Sison tenerum Wall. 1828). Bentham & Hooker had placed the genus within Pimpinella in 1867. C. B. Clarke followed the same treatment in the Flora of British India in 1879. The much detailed systematic work of the genus was done by H. Wolff in Engl. Pflanzenreich (1927). The chief distinguishing character of the genus lies in the acuminulate of filamentous apices of the petals. At present the genus contains about 23 species chiefly in the himalayan regions and South-west China, many being found in Sichuan, Yunnan and eastern Xizang. They are usually growing under the shade of forest, roadside and riverside at the altitude 2100—4800 meters. In this paper 18 species and 2 varieties are presented, of which 5 species, 2 varieties and 1 combinations are considered as new and three arc first recorded fromChina.