J Syst Evol ›› 1985, Vol. 23 ›› Issue (4): 270-274.

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Chromosome Studies of Subgenus Gymnaconitum Endemic to China and Beesia (Ranunculaceae)

Shang Xiao-Min   

  1. (Beijing Agriculture University, Beijing)
  • Published:1985-08-18

Abstract: The paper reports chromosomal number and chromosomal morphologies of annual Aconitum gymnandrum endemic to China and Beesia calthifolia for the first time. Of the two spcies, chromosome number is same (X=8, 2n=16) and chromosome average lengths are 6.17μ , 10.73μ respectively. The longest chromosome 1, the short chromosomes 3-5, 7 and the shortest chromosome 8 are metacentrical (m), the chromosomes 2, 6 are submetacentrical (sm), and the pairs 4, 5, 8 have satellites in the karyotype of A. gymnandrum. In B. calthifolia, all of the chromosome 1-5 are the long m, the chromosomes 6, 8 are the short sm and the 7 is telocentrical (t). The pairs 3, 4, 6 have satellites. According to the comparison of karyotypes of three subgenera—subgen. Paraconitum, subgen. Aconitum and subgen. Gymnaconitum in Aconitum, the evolution trend of chromosomes is further discussed. Finally, the relationship between Aconitum and Beesia is also discussed in thispaper.

Key words: Aconitum, A.gymnandrum, Beesia, B.colthifolia, Chromosome, Karyotype