J Syst Evol ›› 1985, Vol. 23 ›› Issue (6): 470-472.

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A New Combination of the Compositae-Anthemideae from China

Shih Chu   

  1.  (Institute of Botany, Academia Sinica, Beijing)
  • Published:1985-12-18

Abstract: Artemisia intricata Franch. was described in 1884 by H. Franchet, but its exact systematic position, which genus in the Anthemideae does it belong to, is still not clear. After having examined all the morphological characters, I have found that it is best transferred to the genus Stilpnolepis Krasch. Its annual habit, heads arranged into corymbs, similar hermaphrodite and tubular florets, yellow corollas, naked receptacles and achenes without pappus all fall into the circumscription of Stilpnolepis Krasch. Thus, a new combination, Stilpnolepis intricata (Franch.) Shih, is made here in the paper. The monotypic genus Elacanthemum published in 1978 by Ling and Ling Yueou-ruenn, based on Artemisia intricata Franch., therefore, should be rejected andregarded as a synonym of the genus Stilpnolepis Krasch., and Elacanthemum intricatum (Franch.) Ling et Y. R. Ling should correspondingly be treated as another synonym of Stilpnolepis intricata (Franch.) Shih.

Key words: Compositae, Stilpnolepis, Stilpnolepis centiflora, S.intricata