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  • Volume 40 Issue 2

      Research Articles
    • SUN Cheng-Ren
      2002, 40 (2): 97–109
      Micromorphological features of the seed surface of the Schisandraceae are reported for the first time. One hundred and seventeen seed samples from 92 populations, representing 24 species, seven varieties and one form of the Schisandraceae, were examined and photographed under scanning electron microscope (SEM). Micromorphological features of seed surfaces of the Schisandraceae are little affected by the habitats in which plants grow, and are quite constant within species, therefore they can be used as reliable diagnostic characters to distinguish species. The following taxonomic treatments are not supported by micromorphological features observed: ( 1 ) To reduce Schisandra wilsoniana A. C. Smith to S. henryi Clarke; (2) To reduce S. neglecta A. C. Smith, S. arisanensis Hayata, S. viridis A. C. Smith, S. sphenanthena Rehd. & Wils., S. gracilis A. C. Smith, S. micrantha A. C. Smith and S. lancifolia var. polycarpa Z. He to S. elongata ( Bl. ) Baill.; (3) To reduce S. henryi var. longipes (Merr. & Chun) A. C. Smith, S. tomentella A. C. Smith and S. pubescens var. pubinervis (Rehd. & Wils.)A. C. Smith to S. pubescens Hemsl. & Wils.; (4) To reduce S. rubriflora(Franch.)Rehd. & Wils., S. flaccidiramosa C. R. Sun, S. incarnata Stapf, S. sphaerandra Stapf, S. sphaerandra f. pallida A. C. Smith and S. glaucescens Diels to S. grandiflora ( Wall. ) Hook. f. & Thoms.; (5) To reduce Schisandra wilsoniana to S. bicolor Cheng; (6) To reduce S. lancifolia var. polycarpa to S. neglecta; (7) To raise S. henryi var. longipes to S. longipes(Merr. & Chun)R. M. K. Saunders; (8) To reduce Kadsura polysperma Yang to K. heteroclita(Roxb. )Craib. The relationship between Schisan-dra Michx. and Kadsura Kaempf. ex Juss. revealed by the micromorphological features of seed surface is very similar to that revealed by pollen morphology, namely these two genera might have originated from a common ancestor and then evolved along two different routes. However the probability of a more complicated relationship between the two genera than we have known hitherto can not be excluded. The general evolutionary level of Kadsura seems to be higher than that of Schisandra. Therefore, the viewpoint that Kadsura is more primitive than Schisandra is not supported.
    • ZHOU Zhong-Ze, TAO Han-Lin, BAN Qin, XU Ren-Xin, LI Yu-Cheng
      2002, 40 (2): 110–124
      Pollen morohology of 20 species and three varieties in Polygonum seet. Aconogonon Meisn. (Polygonaceae) in China was examined under light microscope (LM) and scanning electron microscope (SEM). The pollen grains are 3-colpate, 3-colporate, polyplicate, or pantocolpate in shape, 20.4 ~ 44.0 µm x 17.0 ~ 34.0 µm, mostly spheroidal to subprolate, rarely oblate-spheroidal or prolate (P/E = 1.06 ~ 1.40). The ornamentation of exine is microspinulose-foveolate, prominently spinulose, coarsely reticulate, or rugulate under SEM. Based on their features of the apertures and the exine sculpturing, the pollen grains can be divided into 5 types, i.e. Aconogonontype, Campanulatum-type, Sibiricum-type, Polystachyum-type and Forrestii-type. A key to the pollen types was provided. The Acontogonon-type is characterized by being 3-zonocolpate and having an imperforate tectum with the microspinulose-foveolate ornamentation. Pollen grains of this type occur in 14 species and two varieties, i.e.P. ajanense, P. alpinum, P. angustifolium, P.cathayanum, P. coriarium, P. divaricatum, P. hookeri, P. lichiangense, P. limosum, P.molle, P. molle var. frondosum, P. molle var. rude, P. ocreatum, P. songaricum, P. tibeticum, P. tortuosum. The Campanulatum-type is characterized by being 6-pantocolpate and having an imperforate tectum with the microspinulose-foveolate ornamentation. Pollen grains of this type occur in two taxa, P. campanulatum and P. campanulatum var. fulvidum. The Sibiricum-type is characterized by being 3-zonocolporate and having a rugulate ornamentation. Pollen grains of this type occur in one species, P. sibiricum. The Polystachyum-type is characterized by being 6( ~ 8)-zonocolpate and having a coarsely reticulate exine ornamentation. Pollen grains of this type occur in two species, P. pinetorum and P. polystachyum. The Forrestii-type is characterized by being 12-pantocolpate and having a prominently spinulose exine ornamentation. Pollen grains of this type occur in two species, P. forrestii Diels and P. nummularifolium. The present results show that the pollen morphology in sect. Aconogonon is of important systematic value. The treatment of this section as an independent genus and the generic status of Knorringia are supported; Polygonum nummularifolium and P. forrestii may be better transferred to the genus Koenigia, while P. pinetorum and P. polystachyum retained in the genus Polygonum.
    • SONG Bao-Hua, LI Fa-Zeng
      2002, 40 (2): 125–132
      The sequences of chloroplast trn K intron 5' region were determined for seven genera of Ulmaceae s.l. ( 12 species), two genera of Cannabaceae, two of Moraceae and one genus from each of the three families, i.e. , Urticaceae, Eucommiaceae and Malvaceae. The aligned sequences used in PAUP analyses were 805 bp, and the maximum parsimony analysis resulted in a single most parsimonious tree with tree length = 665, CI = 0.7714 and RI = 0.7965. The topology of the tree is relatively strongly supported by the bootstrap test and congruent with those generated from rbc L sequence analysis and cpDNA restriction site analysis. The phylogenetic tree indicated that Ulmaceae s. l. is polyphyletic, and that the monophyletic Ulmaceae s. str. is sister to the other Urticales taxa. Cannabaceae, represented by Humulus and Cannabis, is nested within Celtidaceae, revealing that Celtidaceae is a paraphyletic group. Gironniera and Aphananthe are both clades of Celtidaceae. The study also suggested that the trn K intron should be suitable for phylogenetic analyses at intergenericor interspecific levels.

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    • ZHU Hui-Fen, YANG Jun-Bo, ZHANG Chang-Qing, LI De-Zhu
      2002, 40 (2): 133–138
      Two views on the systematic position of Primula secundiflora Franch. were presented by different scholars. This species has long been treated as a member of sect. Sikkimensis, owing to its campanulate corolla, but recently it was moved to sect. Proliferae based on other characteristics emphasized. In the present paper, the ITS (internal transcribed spacer) regions of nuclear ribosomal DNA from eight Primula species (three in sect. Sikkimensis, four in sect. Proliferae together with P. secundiflora) were sequenced and analyzed. Based on the results,together with evidence from morphology and cytology, we consider that P. secundiflora should be placed in sect. Proliferae.
    • CHEN Sing-Chi, LUO Yi-Bo
      2002, 40 (2): 139–140
      Eulophia hirsuta T. P. Lin is transferred to Pachystoma based on the structure of its flowers. A new name, Pachystoma ludaoense S. C. Chen et Y. B. Luo, is proposed due to the presence of an earlier name Pachystoma hirsutum (Joseph et Vajravelu) C. Sathish Kumar et K. S.Manilal.
    • CHEN Sing-Chi, LUO Yi-Bo
      2002, 40 (2): 141–146
      The differences between Epipactis gigantea Dougl. ex Hook., E. royleana Lindl. and E. mairei Schltr. are discussed. The Chinese plants formerly considered by many authors as E. gigantea and E. royleana are truly E. mairei, while E. royleana is restricted to south and southeast Xizang in China.
    • CHEN Sing-Chi, LUO Yi-Bo
      2002, 40 (2): 147–150
      The taxonomic and nomenclatural problems of Eulophia dabia (D. Don) Hochr. and its related species (Orchidaceae) are discussed. Eulophia turkestanica (Litw.) Schltr. and E. faberi Rolfe are reduced to synonymy of E. dabia, which is treated here as a widespread species ranging from eastern Turkmenistan to China.
    • CHEN Sing-Chi, LUO Yi-Bo
      2002, 40 (2): 151–153
      In Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae (FRPS), vol. 18, there are four species of Otochilus treated. One of them, O. albus Lindl., was based on some botanists’ citations rather than the author’ s examination of specimens available. During a recent trip of the senior author to Europe, many specimens of Otochilus there were carefully examined, particularly those cited by Smith and Seidenfaden: Forrest 9493 (E), 16168 (K, E), 27753 (K. P, E) and F. E. Younghusband s. n. (K). Among them, however, only the last one is true O. albus and the others belong to either O. lancilabius Seidenf. (Forrest 9493 and 27753) or O. porrectus (Forrest 16168). As an addition to Fl. Reip. Pop. Sin., vol. 18, O. albus is enumerated and described based on the Tibetan specimen.
    • FANG Ding, XIE Zhi-Ming
      2002, 40 (2): 154–158
    • LANG Kai-Yong, SIU Lai-Ping (Gloria Siu)
      2002, 40 (2): 164–166
    • JIN Xiao-Feng, DING Bing-Yang
      2002, 40 (2): 167–169
    • CHEN Sing-Chi, LUO Yi-Bo
      2002, 40 (2): 173–175
    • ZHANG Da-Cheng, LI Xing-Jiang, Masanobu Higuchi
      2002, 40 (2): 176–182
      Pohlia hyaloperistoma Zhang, Li & Higuchi, and P. macrocarpa Zhang, Li, & Higuchi are described as new species from Yunnan and Xizang (Tibet) of China respectively. Pohlia hyaloperistoma is characterized by having the hyaline and smooth exostome, and P. macrocarpa is characterized by having the large capsules and dioecious sexuality.
    • ZHANG Zhi-Yun, Nicholas J. Turland
      2002, 40 (2): 183–186
      As part of a revision of Chinese Pittosporum Banks ex Gaertn. for the forthcoming account of Pittosporaceae in “Flora of China”, Volume 9, eight names, all described from China, are reduced to synonymy as follows: P. illicioides Makino var. angustifolium T. C. Huang ex S. Y. Lu, syn. nov. and P. illicioides var. stenophyllum P. L. Chiu ex H. T. Chang & S. Z. Yan, syn. nov., both under P. illicioides; P. densinervatum H. T. Chang & S. Z. Yan, syn. nov. and P. longicarpum S. K. Wu ex C. Y. Wu, syn. nov., both under P. kweichowense Gowda var. kweichowense; P. polycarpum H. T. Chang & S. Z. Yan, syn. nov. under P. paniculiferum H. T. Chang & S. Z. Yan; P. membranifolium S. C. Huang ex C. Y. Wu, syn. nov. under P. perryanum Gowda var. perryanum; P. motanthum C. Y. Wu, syn. nov. under P. podocarpum Gagnep. var. podocarpum; and P. tobira (Thunb.) W. T Aiton var. chinense S. Kobayashi, syn. nov. under P. tobira.
    • ZHAO Zhi-Li, ZHONG Guo-Yue, XU Luo-Shan
      2002, 40 (2): 187–189
      Studies on the type specimen and morphological characters of Alpinia nanchuanensis Z. Y. Zhu showed that it should be conspecific with Alpinia bambusifolia C. F. Liang et D. Fang.
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