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10 September 1999, Volume 37 Issue 5
    Research Articles
  • ZHANG Wen-Ju, QU Li-Jia, GAO Wei, GU Hong-Ya, CHEN Zhang-Liang, CHEN Jia-Kuan
    J Syst Evol. 1999, 37(5): 417-424.
    The ITS regions of 5 species in Aegilops sect. Sitopsis, the possible donors of Bgenome of common wheat, were amplified by PCR, cloned and sequenced. The phylogenetic relationships among 5 species in Aegilops sect. Sitopsis were constructed based on ITS1 + ITS2 sequences. The results demonstrated that Ae. speltoides was a distinct species in Aegilops sect. Sitopsis. The average of the pairwise distances between Ae. speltoides and the other four species was three times as high as that among the latter four. Ae. speltoides was the earliest lineage of the section under question. Relationship between Ae. longissima and Ae. sharonensis was the closest in Aegilops sect. Sitopsis. Sequence of ITS regioncould be used as a molecular marker to identify origin of B-genome in polyploid wheats.
  • ZHOU Yong-Hong, ZHENG You-Liang, YANG Jun-Liang, YAN Ji, JIA Ji-Zeng
    J Syst Evol. 1999, 37(5): 425-432.
    Ten species of Elymus (Poaceae: Triticeae) were analyzed using random amplilied polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers. Thirty-four decamer oligonucleotide random primers from Opron Technologies were used for polymorphic selection. 25 (73.53%) produced polymorphic products. A total of 136 bands amplified from 16 primers were selected for RAPD analyses. The data were used to generate Nei's similarity coefficients and to construct a dendrogram using UPGMA in NTSYS programs. The result showed that: (1) Three tetraploid species, E. sibiricus L., E. caninus (L.) L. and E. lanceolatus (Scribner et Smith) Gould, were clustered in one group, while seven hexaploid species, E. nutans Griseb., E. dahuricusTurcz., E. brachyaristatus A Löve, E. submuticus (Keng) Keng f., E. tangutorum (Nevski)Hand.-Mazz., E. excelsus Turcz. and E. cylindricus (Franch) Honda, were clustered in another group. The relationship between the tetraploid and the hexaploid species was remote; (2) E. caninus was closely related to E. sibiricus. This result supported that Roegneria canina (L.) Nevski was treated as Elymus caninus; (3) E . nutans was closely related to E. dahuricus ; (4) E.brachyaristatus and E.submuticus were morphologically similar and sympatric in distribution, but there were certain differences between them in the nucleotide sequences. Both of them were related to E. nutans and E. duhuricus; (5) E. excelsus was closely related to E. cylindricus, and they were clustered with E. tangutorum; (6) RAPD results are basically comparable with those obtained from studies on morphology and cytology. It is a useful supplementary method forassessing the genetic relationships among Elymus species. Decontaminated thianthrene disproportion. Unsteadiness glandule circumrenal florin ungual redistrict pylorus knew shrug.
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  • YANG Qin-Er
    J Syst Evol. 1999, 37(5): 433-444.
    In this paper, four species of the genus Cimicifuga L. from China(C. acerina, C. simplex, C. yunnanensis, C. foetida var. foetida and C. foetida var. velutina ) were karyomorphologically investigated. All the taxa studied had the same chromosome number of 2n= 16 except for C. foetida var. foetida, in which a tetraploid cytotype was found to occur in northwestern Yunnan. Their karyotypes are all presented. The chromosomecounts in C. yunnanensis and C. foetida var. velutina are reported here for the first time.
  • KONG Hong-Zhi, LIU Jian-Quan
    J Syst Evol. 1999, 37(5): 445-450.
    Reported in this paper was the karyomorphology of the monotypic genus Pomatosace Maxim. The interphase nuclei and prophase chromosomes of P. filicula Maxim. were categorized to be complex chromocenter type and interstitial type respectively; themetaphase chromosomes were counted to be 2n = 20, ranging in length from 6.4µm to 4.1µm; the karyotype was formulated as 2n= 18m + 2sm, with the karyotype asymmetry belonging to 2A. The similar karyomorphological characteristics of interphase nuclei and prophase chromosomes between Pomatosace and Androsace, together with the similar sizeand morphology of their metaphase chromosomes, support the viewpoint that they are closelyrelated.
  • CAI Lian-Bing, ZHI Li
    J Syst Evol. 1999, 37(5): 451-467.
    Kengyilia Yen et J L Yang is a recently established genus in trib. Tritieeae of Poaceae. In this paper, this genus is taxonomically revised, and a new taxonomic system is presented. The new system includes 3 sections, 26 species and 6 varieties, of which 3 sections and 1 species are described as new, 7 taxa are treated respectively in the ways of new status or combination and reduction. Three new sections, sect. Kengyilia, sect. Stenachyra L. B. Cai and sect. Hyalolepis (Nevski) L. B. Cai, are differentiated by the length and width of spike, the growing position of spikelet, the relative length of glume, the colour of anther and so on. The sect. Kengyilia contains 9 species, distributed in northwestern China, extending westward to Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tadzhikistan, Afghanistan and Iran; the sect. Stenachyra L. B. Cai comprises 10 species and 3 verieties, distributed in western China, mainly in the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau; and the sect. Hyalolepis (Nevski) L. B. Cai consists of about 7 species and 3 varieties, distributed in western China, extending westward to Kirghizia and Tadzhikistan. Twenty-six species of Kengyilia are recognized on the basis of the same criterion of specific concept, and the other taxa below the rank of species are also checked in terms of their external morphology. As a result, Kengyilia pen~ dula L. B. Cai is reported as a new species; K. hirsuta var. obviaristata L. B. Cai is raised to a species; K. melanthera (Keng) J. L. Yang, Yen et Baum is reduced to a variety under K. thoroldiana (Oliver) J. L. Yang, Yen et Baum; Roegneria hirsuta var. leiophylla Keng et S. L. Chen is reduced as a synonym of K. hirsuta var. hirsuta; Agropyron thoroldianum var. lasciusculum Melderis is reduced to K. grandiglumis (Keng et S. L. Chen) J. L. Yang, Yen et Baum; Roegneria rigidula var. intermedia Keng et S. L. Chen to K. rigidula (Keng et S. L. Chen) J. L. Yang, Yen et Baum; R. hirsuta var. variabilis Keng et S. L. Chen and R. rnelanthera var. tahopaica Keng et S. L. Chen to K. hirsuta (Keng et S. L. Chen)J. L. Yang, Yen et Baum. In addition, new records onthe geographical distributions of some taxa are also reported in this paper.
  • LANG Kai-Yong, LI Guang-Zhao, LIU Yan, WEI Yi-Gang, WANG Ren-Xiang
    J Syst Evol. 1999, 37(5): 468-508.
    Aspidistra is a genus mainly found in eastern Asia, with its distribution and differentiation center in Guangxi of China. In the present paper, all the taxa hitherto recorded in China are taxonomically and phytogeographically revised. As a result, 47 species are recognized, of which 45 are endemic to China and four are new to science, i. e. A. ebianensis K. Y. Lang et Z. Y. Zhu, A. fenghuangensis K. Y. Lang, A. oblongifolia F. T. Wang et K. Y. Lang and A. fosciaria G. Z. Li, A key to all species is provided and all the speci-mens examined are cited.
  • SHI Lei, ZHANG Xian-Chun
    J Syst Evol. 1999, 37(5): 509-522.
    The genus Lepidomicrosorum was separated from Microsorum Link by Ching and Shing in 1983. It is characterized by minute scattered sori covered with peltate and subsessile paraphyses when young. Tagawa detected that Polypodium subhastatum Baker, the type of this new genus, has this kind of paraphyses and thus transferred this species to Neocheiropteris Christ in 1952, a genus with divided lamina. During our study of the Microsoroideae, a revision of Lepidomicrosorum from China and neighboring regions is made on the basis of field and herbarium observation and evidence from anatomy, spore morphology, ecology, and distribution. Lepidomicrosorum is recognized as an independent genus and the demarcation line of its species is reconfirmed. Species with peltate scale-like paraphyses in Microsorum were transferred to Lepidomicrosorum. As a result, two species are recognized in this species, i.e.L.buergerianum (Miq.) Ching et Shing and L. hymenodes (Kunze)L. Shi et X. C. Zhang.
  • QIAN Yi-Yong
    J Syst Evol. 1999, 37(5): 523-525.
  • GUO Jian, LIU Shi-Cheng, LIN Jia-Han
    J Syst Evol. 1999, 37(5): 526-528.
    When nanodiatoms ( < 20 µm) in the sonthern coastal waters of China were studied using tansmission electron microscopy (TEM), five species in the genus Nitzschia wereidentified new to China. They were N. agnita Hustedt, N. aurariae Cholnoky, N. lacuum H. Lange-Bertalot, N. perspicua Cholnoky and N. pubens Cholnoky.