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  • Volume 9 Issue 1

      Research Articles
    • Chen Cheih
      1964, 9 (1): 1–12
      The purpose of the present paper is to discuss the systematic position of the genus Schnabelia originally proposed by H. Handel-Mazzatti in 1921, who considered it as belonging to the family Verbenaceae, a point which he further emphasized in 1936. However, in his paper on the Chinese verbenaceous plants (1932), Prof. Pei Chien thought the genus should be removed from Verbenaceae into Labiatae and allied it with such genera as Ajuga and Teucrium on the ground that it also has deeply lobed ovary. Since then botanists on Chinese plants, such as Prof. Y. Z. Sun, F. C. How, etc. have always considered Schnabelia Hand.-Mazz. as a genus of Labiatae. The present writer has recently studied the genus, comparing its morphology of ovary, calyx lobes, pedicels, pollen grains, etc. with a number of verbenaceous genera, and comes to the conclusion that the genus should belong to Verbenaceae as H. HandelMazzatti first proposed and that it is closely allied to the genus Caryopteris, especially C. nepetaefolia (Benth.) Maxim. Moreover, he considers that the deeply lobed ovary is not at all a good character even for generic separation, for several genera in Verbenaceae, such as Caryopteris, Clerodendron, just like Teucrium and Ajuga of Labiatae, also have deeply lobed ovaries. From the ample herbarium material, the present writer discovered for the first time that the genus Schnabelia has two types of flowers, cleistogamous and chasmogamous. The original founder of the genus did not know this peculiar floral character, as not mention of it was made in the generic diagnosis. Chienodoxa Sun (1951) proves to be the present genus, which is based upon the cleistogamous type of flowers of an allied or perhaps the same species.
    • Cheng Ju-Yung , Wu Fu-Mei
      1964, 9 (1): 13–30
      From more than 8,000 soil samples and plant materials collected from 25 provinces and districts in this country, 138 isolates of the Choanephoraceae have been obtained. These include 1 species of the genus Gilbertella (G. persicaria) and 5 species of the genus Choanephora (C. circinans, C. trispora, C. cucurbitarum, C. conjuncta and C. infundibulifera). The recently reported species of the latter genus, C. heterospora has not been found. Keys to the genera and species as well as detailed description, synonymy and distribution of each of them are given. The phylogeny and limits of the family, genera and species are also discussed.
    • Ching Ren-Chang
      1964, 9 (1): 31–36
      The fern genus Diplaziopsis C. Chr. of Index Filicum has long been considered as a monotypic one, with the sole species, D. javanica (B1.) C. Chr. from tropical Asia. In 1906, H. Christ described a second species, Allantodia cavaleriana Christ (=D. cavaleriana C. Chr.) from Kweichow, West China, but this was since not fully recognized by fern students in general, being often considered as a variety of the first species. This is certainly a mistake, as is shown by ample herbarium specimens today. In the recent work on the genus, the writer has found among the herbarium material two additional new species from China, thus bringing the genus up to four species in Asia, mainly from China, where, as it is, the genus has its center of development from the long past. Phylogenetically, Diplaziopsis C. Chr. represents one of the offshoots from the great stock of diplazioid ferns, of which the genus Diplazium Sw. constitutes the main body of the group and from which our genus differs chiefly in its leaves of a thin texture with reticulated venation, but not so much in its type of indusium as it has generally been emphasized by most botanists in the past, for, as it is, the type of indusium in Diplaziopsis also prevails in many species of Diplazium, for which C. B. Clarke (Trans. Linn. Soc. ser. 2, Bot. I:495, 1880) created, but really superfluously, a subgenus Pseudallantodia, about which the writer will dwell in another paper in the near future. Suffice it to say here that the indusium in Diplaziopsis as revealed by the species treated here is, indeed, typical of diplazioid ferns, only often, as it happens, with its adaxial edge pressed so tight under the expanding sorus that it is unable to open freely along its upper free edge and, as a result, its thin vaulted back bursts open from the pressure of the expanding sorus underneath. As a result of the present study, following four species of the genus have been recognized. Diplaziopsis javanica (B1.) C. Chr. Ind. Fil. (1905) 227. Wide spread in tropical Asia, northwardly to Bakbo and the southern part of Yunnan, China. D. cavaleriana (Christ) C. Chr. Ind. Fil. Suppl. I (1913) 25. Ranges from West China through northern part of Fukien of East China to Japan. D. intermedia Ching, sp. nov. Endemic in West China: Mt. Omei, Szechuan, and Kweichow. D. hainanensis Ching, sp. nov. In conclusion, it may be pointed out that with the modern plant taxonomy pursued in a more efficient manner than in the past, and especially by the introduction of the cytotaxonomic methods, the so-called “monotypic genera”, as conceived by the orthodox systematists, will continue to prove, to a great extent, to be lack of enough scientific ground. The fact that the “monotypic genus” of Diplaziopsis C. Chr. is now found to be a genus of four well-defined species is once again an instance to illustrate the pointat issue.
    • Ching Ren-Chang
      1964, 9 (1): 37–40
      A new fern genus, Chieniopteris Ching, based upon Woodwardia harlandii Hook. from South China, is here proposed. Its systematic position seems to be apparently intermediate between Lorinseria Presl of the east North America and Woodwardia Sm. of the Old World, from the former the genus is distinguished by its upland habitat, by the uniform fronds of chartaceous or rather subcoriaceous texture with straw-colored stipe and rachis of the leaves; from the latter by the long creeping rhizome with distant fronds, by the simple trilobed or generally simply pinnate lamina with a few pairs of entire or sometimes irregularly lobated lateral pinnae, which are connected at the base by a narrow wing on each side of the rachis, by the superficial and longer sori and by the veins anastomosing between the sori and the leaf margin. While describing the plant as a Woodwardia, Hooker properly noted that it is very distinct from the oriental Woodwardia japonica (Linn. fil.) Sm. and W. prolifera Hook. Later Baker transferred Hooker's species under Woodwardia sect. Lorinseria in Synopsis Filicum in a juxtaposition with Woodwardia areolata (Linn.) Moore, the type of the genus Lorinseria Presl. It is J. Smith, who referred the southern Chinese plant to Lorinseria Presl, with which it is somewhat similar in habit, but differs in characters diagnosed above, besides a distinct habitat and geographic area. The new genus is now represented by two species, C. harlandii (Hook.) Ching and C. kempii (Cop.) Ching, all indigenous in South China, extending southwardly to the northern part of Vietnam and eastwardly to the islands of southern Japan. The new genus is named after professor S. S. Chien, director of the Institute of Botany, Academia Sinica, and president of the Botanical Society of China, to celebratehis 80th. birthday last year.

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    • Ching Ren-Chang
      1964, 9 (1): 41–84
    • Hsu Ping-Sheng
      1964, 9 (1): 85–98
    • Ching Ren-Chang
      1964, 9 (1): 99–99
    • Sun Bi-Sin
      1964, 9 (1): 100–100
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