J Syst Evol ›› 1981, Vol. 19 ›› Issue (3): 271-278.

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On macroscopic structures of the Fagaceous woods in Kwangtung in relation to classification and distribution

Ho Tien-Hsiang   

  1.  (South China College of Agriculture)
  • Published:1981-08-18

Abstract: In the present paper, 3 species of Fagus, 6 of Castanea, 24 of Castanopsis, 26 of Lithocarpus, and 34 of Quercus (sens. lat.), totaling 219 specimens (slides) collected mainly from the province of Kwangtung and the vicinity have been compared, with special reference to their pore arrangement and ray disposition. Taking the Genus as a group, the macroscopic structure of each genus in detail, the end-grain photographs of the representatives and a key to the genera are provided. After comparing the wood structure, the present writer is of the opinion that it is better to correlate the genus Castanopsis Spach with the genus Lithocarpus Blume together, as has been done in some works.[2,14] In regard to the ring porosity in woody angiosperms it has a close relationships with the habitat[8,10],i.e., diffuse-porous woods usually present in evergreen trees, while ring-porous ones in deciduous trees, and of course the anatomical features too, therefore is appropriate for the genus Quercus L. to include Cyclobalanopsis (Endl.) Oerst. as a natural group.