J Syst Evol ›› 1982, Vol. 20 ›› Issue (1): 59-62.

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Chromosome counts in some Chinese ferns

Wang Zhong-Ren, Sun Ching-San   

  • Published:1982-02-18

Abstract: The spore mother cells of six species of Chinese homosporous ferns have been examined, among them the chromosome numbers of five species, Adiantum capillus-junonis Rupr. (n= 30), Ctenitis rhodolepis (Clarke) Ching (n = 41), Cyclogramma flexilis (Christ) Tagawa (n = 68), Leptogramma scallani (Christ) Ching (n = 36) and Vandenboschia auriculata (B1.) Copel. (n=36), from Emei Shan (Omei) Sichuan province are recorded for the first time. The chromosome number n=68 from the species Cyclogramma flexilis suggests that the base number for this genus is 34. Another species, Athyrium brevifrons Nakai from Wuling Shah Beijing (Peking) has a gameticchromosome number n=40, as already reported by K. Mitui and H. Hirabayashi.