J Syst Evol ›› 1985, Vol. 23 ›› Issue (3): 170-178.

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Studies on Morphology of Kingdonia uniflora Balfour f. et W. W. Smith. III. The Morphology and Anatomy of Flowers, Fruits and Seeds

Hu Zheng-Hai, Tian Lan-Xin   

  1. (Department of Biology, North-Western University, Xian)
  • Published:1985-06-18

Abstract: In the present paper, the morphology and structure of the flower, fruit and seed of Kingdonia uniflora are reported. Each part of the flower is usually indefinite and is spirally arranged. The venation of the tepals is open-dichotomous and classified into three types. There are two types of the stamens, which have a solitary bundle; the sterile stamens bear nectaries in the ventral furrows of the apex, and the pollen sacs of the fertile ones are lateral-extrose. The carpel is differentiated into three parts, and is not completely closed in flower, which represents a half-opened type and is simillar to that of Coptis. The fruit is an achene. The embryo is at the stage of proembryo when the fruit is mature. The endosperm is copious. In this paper, some problems concerning morphological evolution are also discussed.

Key words: Kingdonia uniflora, Flower, Fruit, Seed, Morphology, Anatomy