J Syst Evol ›› 1989, Vol. 27 ›› Issue (2): 114-117.

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Studies on Karyotype of Cephalanthera erecta and C. falcat

Yang Di-Qing, Zhu Xie-Fu   

  • Published:1989-03-10

Abstract: The present paper reports karyotype analysis of Cephalanthera erecta and C. falcata from Lushan, China. (1) The karyotype formula of C. erecta is 2n=34=10m+ 14sm+ 10st. C. falcata has two cytotypes: type A is 2n = 34 = 8m + 16sm + 10st, while type B is 2n = 34 = 8m + 22sm + 4st. The type B is a translocation homozygote derived from the type A by chromosomal structural reorganization, which involved a translocation between the short arms of the 1st pair of chromosomes and the long arms of the 3rd pair. The type B is similar to the type A in morphological characterissties. (2)In the light of Stebbins’ classification of karyotypic asymmetry, three karyotypes of C. erecta and C. falcata belong to “3C”. Such an asymmetrical karyotype in a primitive genus like Cephalanthera of Orchidaceae may be of great significancefor a discussion on evolution and deserves a further study.

Key words: Cephalanthera erecta, C.falcata, Karyotype