J Syst Evol ›› 1989, Vol. 27 ›› Issue (4): 273-276.

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A Study on the Seed of Lardizabalaceae and Sargentodoxaceae, (1) A SEM Examination of Testa

Xia Quan, Peng Ze‐Xiang   

  1. (Department of Biology, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou)
  • Published:1989-07-10

Abstract: Testa SEM characters of Lardizabalaceae and Sargentodoxaceae have not been used in former studies of taxonomy and phylogeny. In this work examined by scanning electron microscope (SEM). was the testa surface of 5 genera including 15 species of Lardizabalaceae and Sargentodoxaceae. Sargentodoxaceae is found quite different from Lardizabalaceae in its smooth test. The testa sculpture of Akebia, Holboellia and Stauntonia is basically striate, but that of Sinofranchetia, though striate, is verrucous on striations. Decaisnea is very isolated for its mosaic testa sculpture. The tesa examination confirms the rationality of the taxonomic treatment of Sargentodoxaceae by Stapf, the isolated taxonomic position of Decaisnea and Sinofranchetia in Lardizabalaceae, and the close interrelationship among Akebia, Holboellia, and Stauntonia.

Key words: Lardizabalaceae, Sargentodoxaceae, testa, relationship