J Syst Evol ›› 1991, Vol. 29 ›› Issue (3): 246-251.

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A Study on Pollen Morphology of Some Chinese Genera in Tribe Anthemideae

Chen Song‐Bo, Zhang Jin‐Tan (Chang King Tang)   

  • Published:1991-05-10

Abstract: This paper deals with pollen grains of 9 chinese genera of Trib. Anthemideae Cass., which include the genera: Ajania Poljak., Hippolytia Poljak., Stilpnolepis Krasch., Elachanthemum Ling et Y. R. Ling, Filifolium Kitam., Ajaniopsis Shih, Kaschgaria Poljak., Neopallasia Poljak., Seriphidium Poljak., Pollen grains of these genera are isopolar, radially symmetrical, 3-colporate, NPC 345, spheroidal, sometimes suboblate or subprolate. Polar axis 20.0-30.0μm equatorial axis 20.0 -30.0μm. The exine consists of three layers: tectum, columellae and nexine. Exine thickness 3.2-5.6μm, usually the columellae is the thickest. According to the differences of exine ornamentation, they are divided into two main groups: 1. with distinct spines, including the genera Ajania Poljak., Hippolytia Poljak., Stilpnolepis Krasch., 2.with indistinct spinules, including the genera Elachanthemum Ling et Y.R.Ling, Filifolium Kitam., Ajaniopsis Shih, Kaschgaria., Neopallasia Poljak.,Seriphidium Polj