J Syst Evol ›› 1994, Vol. 32 ›› Issue (3): 240-245.

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Observations on Chromosomes of Fourteen Moss Species from the Qinling Range, China

Tian Xian-hua, Xiao Ya-ping, Liu Quan-hong, Zhu Bi-cai, Wang Zhong-hui, Yuan Shi-qu   

  • Published:1994-05-18

Abstract: The chromosome numbers in fourteen moss species from the Qinling Range, and karyotype of Mnium lycopodioides are reported in this paper. Immature capsules were used as material. Bryum capillare L. ex Hedw was found. to have n = 10; Mnium lycopodioides Schwaegr. n = 6 with the karyotype formula n = 6 = 3m+3sm (1SAT); Plagiomnium maximoviczii (Lindl.)T. Kop. n=6; Bartramia halleriana var. elongate Turn. n=10+2m; Thuidium delicatulum (Hedw.) Mitt. n= 11; Thuidium philibertii Limpr. n= 10+m; Hygrohypnum ochraceum (Wils.) Loesk. n=10; Drepanocladus uncinatus (Hedw.) Warnst. n = 7+3m; Campylium chrysophyllus (Brid.) J. Lange. n = 10; Brachythecium starkei (Brid.) B. S. G. n=6; Brachythecium buchananii (Hook.) Jaeg. n=6; Brotherella yokohamae (Broth.)Broth. n= 9+2m; Gollamia neckerella (C. MÜll. )Broth. N=7; Pogonatum fastigiatum Mitt. n = 7. No report on the chromosome number of Brotherella yokohamae and Gollania neckerella has been found. The chromosome numbers in Brachythecium starkei andBrachythecium buchananii (Hook.) Jaeg. are different from previous reports, while the others are in accordance with the previous reports.

Key words: Moss, Chromosome number, Karyotype, Meiosis