J Syst Evol ›› 1999, Vol. 37 ›› Issue (5): 509-522.

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Taxonomic studies of the fern genus Lepidomicrosorum Ching et Shing (Polypodiaceae) from China and neighboring regions

SHI Lei, ZHANG Xian-Chun   

  • Published:1999-09-10

Abstract: The genus Lepidomicrosorum was separated from Microsorum Link by Ching and Shing in 1983. It is characterized by minute scattered sori covered with peltate and subsessile paraphyses when young. Tagawa detected that Polypodium subhastatum Baker, the type of this new genus, has this kind of paraphyses and thus transferred this species to Neocheiropteris Christ in 1952, a genus with divided lamina. During our study of the Microsoroideae, a revision of Lepidomicrosorum from China and neighboring regions is made on the basis of field and herbarium observation and evidence from anatomy, spore morphology, ecology, and distribution. Lepidomicrosorum is recognized as an independent genus and the demarcation line of its species is reconfirmed. Species with peltate scale-like paraphyses in Microsorum were transferred to Lepidomicrosorum. As a result, two species are recognized in this species, i.e.L.buergerianum (Miq.) Ching et Shing and L. hymenodes (Kunze)L. Shi et X. C. Zhang.

Key words: Lepidomicrosorum, Taxonomy, China and neighboring regions