J Syst Evol ›› 1992, Vol. 30 ›› Issue (4): 346-348.

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The Chromosome Numbers of 10 Species in the Genus Campylotropis (Fabaceae)

Gao Xin-Fen, Gu Zhi-Jian, Chen Cheih   

  • Published:1992-08-10

Abstract: This paper reports chromosome numbers of ten species and one variety of the genus Campylotropis from China (Table 1, Plate 1 ). They are C. argentea Schindl., C. bonatiana( pamp: ) Schindl., C. henryi Schindl., C. hirtella (Franch.)Schindl., C. macrocarpa(Bunge )Rehd., C. diversifolia( Hemsl. )Schindl., C. polyantha (Franch.) Schindl., C. polyantha( Franch. )Schindl. var. leiocarpa ( Pamp. ) Pet. -Stib., c. prainii ( Coll. et Hemal. ) Schindl., C. pinetorum (kurz)Schindl. ssp. velutina (Dunn)Schindl., c. trigonoclada(Franch. ) Schindl. The chromosome numbers of these ten species are all 2n= 22 or n= 11, but a few individuals in C. polyantha(Franch. )Schindl. var. leiocarpa(Pamp. )Pet. -Stib., were found aneuploid with 2n=23. The chromosome numbers of c. polyantha and C. macrocarpa have been reported by Maw-shing (1986)andLee(1972), while those of all the other species are first reported.

Key words: Campylotropis, Chromosome number