J Syst Evol ›› 1990, Vol. 28 ›› Issue (1): 27-33.

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Cytological Observations on Some Chinese Ferns

Weng Ruo-Fen   

  • Published:1990-01-10

Abstract: Cytological observations on thirty fern species from eastern China are reported. Most of the materials examined were fixed in the field from the Wuyishan and Lushan mountains, Putuoshan Island, and Hangzhou, but two of them were fixed from the plants grown in the garden of our Museum. The results of observations are summarized in Table 1. The chromosome numbers of eleven species are reported here for the first time. They are: Allantodia mathewi (Cop.) Ching n=82; A. wichurae (Mett.) Ching n=41; Aleuritopteris pseudofarinosa Ching n=58; Arachniodes exilis (Hance) Ching n=41; A. rhomboides (Wall.) Ching n=41; Athyriopsis peterseni (Kunze) Ching n=80; Humata tyermanni Moore n=40; Leptogramma scallanii (Christ) Ching n=36; Loxogramme fujianensis Ching n=35; Pleocnemia winitii Holtt. n=41; Pseudophegopteris pyrrhorachis (Kunze) Ching n=62. On the basis of ploid levels and reproduction, the thirty species can be divided into three groups as shown in Table 2. Table 2 Three groups of thirty species of Chinese ferns

Group Number of taxa percentage
Diploid (sexual) Tetraploid (sexual) Triploid (apomictic) 16 13 1 53.3% 43.4% 3.3%

Key words: Pteridophyta, Cytology, Chromosome number