J Syst Evol ›› 1992, Vol. 30 ›› Issue (6): 508-514.

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A Taxonomic Revision on Genus Aristolochia Subgenus Pararistolochia

Ma Jin-Shuang   

  • Published:1992-11-10

Abstract: Aristolochia Subgen. Pararistolochia ( Hutch. & Dalz. ) O. C. Schmidt, a smallest one among so far known three subgenera in the genus, often treated as a separate genus, is composed of only nine species from Tropical Africa (8 species)and Tropical Asia ( l species). This work deals mainly with the system and taxonomic treatment as well as distribution based on the herbarium materials form British Museum (Natural History) (BM), National Botanical Garden of Belgium(BR), Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew(K) and Laboratoire de Phanerogamie of Paris(P). Three sections in the subgenus are described as new by the number of anthers and its arrangement. Also two names, Pararistolochia zenkeri (Engl.) Hutch. & Dalz. and P. macrocarpa (Duch.) Poncy var. soyauxiana(Oliv. )Poncy, are reduced to synonyms of A. macrocarpa Duch.; andone name, A. preussii Engl., is reduced to a synonym of A. promissa Mast.

Key words: Subgenus Pararistolochia, Aristolochia, Taxonomic revision, System, Africa, Asia