J Syst Evol ›› 1992, Vol. 30 ›› Issue (3): 245-255.

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Taxonomy of Athyriurn Roth Subgen. Athyrium in Yunnan

Zhang Xian-Chun   

  • Published:1992-05-18

Abstract: The present paper deals with the taxonomy of the subgenus Athyrium; 15 species are recognized from Yunnan. Based on the system of Ching & Y. T. Hsieh (1986), two series (ser. Dissitifolia X. C. Zhang and ser. Wallichiana X. C. Zhang) are described as new. As a result of morphological study of all the type specimens preserved in PE, KUN and PYU and observation made in the field by the author, 12 species and one hybrid of China (mainly from Yunnan Province)published in recent years are reduced to synonyms, to various species. Moreover, Athyrium brevisorum Moore and A. pachyphlebium C. Chr. are considered as new synonyms of A. niponicum (Mett.)Hance also. According to the international code of botanical nomenclature, the name Athyrium fimbriatum Moore which was used in the recent literature is only a nomen nudum and should be substituted by Athyrium foliolosum Moore ex Sim. The latter was published effectively by Sim in his 《A priced catalogue with brief descriptions and cultural remarks etc. of ferns grown for sale by Robert Sim.》Since Beddome in his 《Supplement to the ferns of British India, Ceylon and the Malay Peninsula》 added the description erroneously to Athyrium fimbriatum as “rootstock creeping, stipes solitary distant”, some authors concerning ferns of Indian Subcontinent and the Himalayas (Hope 1902, Bir & Shukla 1966, etc. )have confused this species of Athyrium with Pseudocystopteris atkinsonii (Bedd.)Ching or P. andersonii (Clarke) Ching in the same region.

Key words: Athyrium, Athyrium subgen. Athyrium, Taxonomy, Yunnan